Skyrim Special Edition
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-> Requirements
-> About this mod
-> Installation
-> Files and their Proper Directories
-> Playing this mod
-> Known Bugs & Issues
-> Version History
-> Incompatibilities & Save game warnings
-> Credits & Usage
-> Customization


REQUIRES Skyrim Special Edition or superior
REQUIRES Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch 4.1.4 or superior
REQUIRES SKSE64 2.0.8 or superior

RECOMMENDS Wrye Bash v307 or superior

The mod will NOT work with previous SKSE64 versions and in turn SKSE64 will NOT work with previous Skyrim SE versions, so make sure everything is up to date on your system.


Overhauls the entire game in a strictly lore friendly way.


NOT supported. However, if you really want to do things manually, unpack everything in the Data folder.


Download and install.


YASH is aimed to intermediate mod users who know their way around both TESVEdit and Wrye Bash. Make sure you have cleaned Update.esm and ALL DLC with TESVEdit 3.2.1 or superior before installing the mod, in this order:


The archive is BAIN ready. Just drop the archive in the Wrye Bash mods directory and install the mod as usual.

For maximum compatibility, rebuilding the Bashed Patch after the installation is recommended to merge the Unofficial Patch and other mods leveled lists with YASH's.


Uninstall the old version, install the new version. Simple as that.

Just make sure you DO NOT run the game in between. Also rebuild the Bashed Patch if you use it.


~~~~~~~~~~~ README FILE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~ ESP & ESM FILES ~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~ BSA FILES ~~~~~~~~~


YASH does NOT work with existing game saves, you MUST start a new game for the mod to work as intended.

Every feature is explained in game with either a message or in the Help menu.

Other than the above: run the game. Play. Have fun.


The mod has no known issues so far.


2.15 27/10/18

- SKSE GetWornForm is no longer used in favor of GetEquippedArmorInSlot native to SE
- added 200+ global variables to set initial skills and attributes, plus carry weight at level up
- added optional ESP to customize race stats globally without touching the main ESP
- fixed an issue with Erandur potentially failing his spell to open the door during the Waking Nightmare quest
- added MCM option to enable speed penalties for NPC, now disabled at default
- synchronization for USSEP 4.1.5

2.14 07/09/18

- added MCM option to disable Mimicked Perks on NPC
- added MCM option to disable the extra damages dealt by Guards
- separated the tweaks for Player, NPC and both Player and NPC under three different MCM pages
- extended MCM options descriptions
- nerfed the 3x weaknesses of creatures to 2x

2.13 04/09/18

- fixed a 2.11 issue that caused NPC to deal double the damage to the player

2.12 02/09/18

- removed a wrong check on game load that prevented to load saves from earlier versions
- succesfully harvesting ingredients from plants is 15% harder
- a 90 Alchemy skill is required to succesfully harvest ingredients 100% of the time
- added Wooden Greatsword to train Two-Handed using dummies
- decreased Giants heights to accomodate creature mods placing them in interiors
- added sanity checks as workarounds for NPC that do not spawn properly and get twice the speed penalties
- added MCM option to enable a Power that allows to set the proper carry weight and movements speed for modded followers that run on their own framework
- followers carry weight is displayed in the followers dialogue
- added MCM option to disable kill cams
- the Skeleton Key bypasses Lockpicking skill requirements
- the Steed Stone won't bypass armor skill requirements but it will halve the material-based speed penalties
- added MCM option to show a drinking animation when using potions
- NPC can use potions to heal themselves
- NPC flee when low on Health only if they don't have any Healing potions left, otherwise they fight to the death
- furtherly extended resistances and weaknesses of creatures
- slightly decreased the material-based movements speed for heavy armor and boots
- fixed an issue with Dragonscale Shields not displaying the skill requirements message
- furtherly extended Debug features
- added MCM option to disable skills increases when running in a full armor set

2.11 03/08/18

- fixed an issue with Lockpicking unintentionally increasing Sneak if Crossover Skills were enabled
- fixed an issue with decreased potency and price of crafted potions if ingredients were selected in the 'wrong' order
- fixed an issue with Ancano, Kematu and Tolfdir potentially failing their spells
- fixed an issue with vampire templates lacking the appropriate perks

2.10 28/07/18

- speeds and maximum ranges of arrows depend on their material
- added MCM option to disable warning messages regarding low-skilled followers
- fixed incomplete description of the 2nd rank of the Barbarian perk
- added MCM option to enable crossover skills once the player reaches 20 in the 'main' skill:
One-Handed slightly increases Two-Handed
Two-Handed slightly increases One-Handed
Block slightly increases Light Armor and Heavy Armor
Light Armor slightly increases Heavy Armor and Sneak
Heavy Armor slightly increases Light Armor and Block
Enchanting slightly increases Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, Illusion and Restoration
Smithing slightly increases Light Armor, Heavy Armor, One-Handed, Two-Handed, Archery and Block
Sneak slightly increases Light Armor and Pickpocket
Pickpocket slightly increases Sneak
All magic skills slightly increase each other
- fixed an issue with the Mercy Stroke perk improperly targeting the player as well
- fixed an issue with a few penalties not taken into account by the fix for the ability condition bug
- synchronization for USSEP 4.1.4
- several Ivy plants added by SE couldn't be searched for ingredients
- fixed a mind boggling bug that on a random basis caused Bosmer to get stuck with +30% weaponspeedmult with any kind of weapon if they changed location within 1 second after having equipped a bow; part of the fix involved removing the Bosmer ability to draw bows faster than any other race [NR]
- fixed an issue with several mid and high level NPC lacking the necessary perks and abilities due to the loss of a flag to inherit perks and spells, in turn rendering the game too easy at mid / high levels -- since the SE CK seems to have the bad habit to remove that flag at will upon saving, the necessary perks and spells are now added directly to the NPC records [thanks for yet another f*cking broken CK function, Beth]
- Ghosts don't flee in fear anymore when low on health
- fixed an exploit that could allow to buy Spell Tomes at vanilla prices
- fixed an issue with the Elemental Walker and Elemental Protection perks not properly targeting magical traps

2.9 27/06/18

- added MCM option to disable armors ratings scaling to armors skills
- added MCM option to disable armors ratings scaling to armors materials
- added MCM option to disable weapons damages scaling to weapons materials
- added MCM option to disable resistances and weaknesses for creatures
- fixed an issue with temporary and permanent followers that caused them to deal damages not in line with their skills
- fixed an issue with the Boethiah's Calling questline that caused the final quest entry to get stuck in the log even though the quest was completed
- further addition of 45 hidden variables to fine tune alchemy, armor ratings, weapons ranges, lockpicking, training, economy etc for a total of 74 hidden settings -- not available in MCM, can be displayed with 'help YASH2_req', 'help YASH2_mnt', 'help YASH2_eco'

2.8 25/06/18

- fixed an issue with a non-spawned Draugr preventing Tolfdir to advance to the final room in Saarthal

2.7 22/06/18

- the Companions questline is a bit longer and requires more work to enter the Circle [NR]
- the door to the final chamber of Dustman's Cairn won't lock behind you anymore
[if you are coward enough to escape without your Companion, he/she will eventually escape as well]
- Dawnguard is delayed to level 25
- Vampire attacks in towns, disabled by a recent official update, are restored and start at level 24
- Dragonborn is delayed until the player meets Paarthurnax
- Cultists attacks in towns are delayed to level 30
- fixed an issue with an Archery damage bonus of the Bosmer race [NR]
- added Wooden Bow for low skilled players
- Skooma makes you run even faster
- venom effects last longer
- incendiary arrows are more powerful
- added Training Armor for low skilled players
- practice dummies can be used to train Block up to lvl 15 if bashed with a shield
- fixed an issue with the female Redguard demanding the toll at the Valtheim Towers, who turned into an invisible angry fox
- the races conflict check lacked the ActorTypeNPC keyword, improperly displaying the error popup when the player was not in humanoid form

2.6 07/06/18

- added MCM option to disable AI dodging
- added MCM option to set magic scaling to 150%
- fixed an issue with skills requirements not setting the proper damages at game load until an UI element is open

2.5 01/06/18

- fixed Nordic and Stalhrim weapons not taken into account by skills restrictions

2.4 29/05/18

- fixed disappearing Magicka and Stamina bars
- locked several chests to Novice level
- reduced predators spawns in the wilderness
- added MCM option to disable Lockpicking skill requirements
- removed combat styles MCM option

2.3 27/05/18

- fixed water body seam in Riverwood and in a few other cells
- fixed disappearing health bar in combat
- added MCM options to disable magic skills scaling
- added a minimum required distance from practice targets which increases as the Archery skill increases
- added MCM option to disable skills requirements
- added MCM option to disable spells failure
- removed hundreds of ESP records now handled at runtime for further compatibility
- added MCM option to set enchantments magnitudes and durations to vanilla
- fixed an issue with the Rattles disease that could cause Stamina to not regen at all
- added MCM option to disable the bonus perk point every 20 skill levels
- added MCM option to enable debug messages
- fixed log spam caused by 4 broken vanilla NPC references in Solitude
- fixed an issue with crafted potions losing the * prefix on game reload
- added MCM option to disable melee and archery skills scaling
- fixed an issue with the Quick Reflexes perk absorbed by Spell Absorption
- fixed [again] an issue with hirelings and horses not displaying the correct cost in dialogues
- fixed an issue with lock bashing alarms that allowed the player to bash locks open without being discovered
- fixed an issue with low skilled followers that required the player to either fast travel or reload the game to refresh their penalties as they level up
- further meshes optimization with newer NIF Optimizer version
- fixed an issue with magic kill cams not triggering properly when using Concentration type spells
- added checks to make sure the game is properly YASH'ed on the next run if the player saves the game when YASH'ing and quits to desktop
- fixed an issue with the Painbringer perk granting 3x damage at full health 100% of the time instead of 33%
- fixed a cosmetic issue with command console, MoreHUD or other means to check NPC stats so that they won't show anymore 1100 lvl NPC [it was meaningless anyway]
- added further checks to properly set initial skills when using alternate start mods that allow you to start as a vampire
- added conditions to Mutilate, Skullcrusher and other offensive melee perks so that they now require that both the player and the targeted NPC are in combat for the perks to take effect
- fixed a cosmetic issue with the Executioner perk slightly uncentered in the skills tree
- added further checks to the spells failure feature so that the spell level is now taken into account, i.e. Novice spells won't fail at 25 skill level and above
- fixed an issue with spells failure stopping working on the player upon becoming a vampire
- added the ability to configure skills requirements levels for weapons and armors via 25 global variables using console commands such as "set YASH2_ReqEbony to 50" [these are advanced settings that will be not available in the MCM menu]; also, Iron now defaults to 10
- added MCM option to enable test mode: sets all skills to 100 and adds 255 perk points
- added conditions to One-Handed, Two-Handed, Block, Light Armor and Heavy Armor skills so that they now increase in a more linear way in the 0-15 range
- further synchronization for USSEP 4.1.3b
- added thousands of non-scripted spawn points for several creatures and NPC
- fixed a rare issue with armor speed penalties that allowed the player to run at normal speed if armor was removed when wearing boots too heavy for the current skill
- added a runtime check to warn the player if other mods are overriding the race records
- speed penalties applied to non-skilled actors for armor and boots are now differentiated in regard to armor type, a total of -33% for Heavy and a total of -20% for Light. Both add to the different materials speeds
- several face data records for vampires and bandits needed to be carried over from the new CC esm
- added checks to material-based speeds so that boots are now also taken into account
- fixed an issue with Exhausted and Weakened effects improperly affecting bows
- added Exhausted, Weakened, Vulnerable and Debilitated effects to the active effects list
- reorganized the MCM menu
- tweaked armor ratings in regard to armor skills progression
- fixed a very rare issue with Arvel the Swift being cut down by the spiders in the nearby room before the player could reach him -- they're gone now

2.2 beta 1 29/04/18

- reimplemented SKSE features
- restored MCM
- restored spells failure for player and NPC
- restored followers names
- restored bounty messages
- restored skills requirements for armors
- restored YASHer functionality
- removed hundreds of ESP records now handled at runtime for improved compatibility
- synchronization for USSEP 4.1.3b

2.1 beta 3 17/01/17

- fixed wrong magnitudes in Magic Resistance perk
- fixed Beast Of Burden perk affecting the wrong armor type
- fixed wrong effects description for The Gauldur Amulet
- fixed wrong condition in the Canalization perk
- fixed wrong lock level in Pinewatch
- extended the Unified Actors Perk to include effects from the new perk trees
- fixed Beast Of Burden and Pack Mule adding effects to each other
- fixed Conditioning, Unhindered and Buff Arms perks rendering armor pieces weightless
- fixed 2nd and 3rd rank of the Bonecrusher perk
- fixed Spellbouncer perk affecting equipped items

2.1 beta 2 15/12/16

- fixed practice dummies and targets not increasing skills [non-retroactive fix for existing saves]
- tweaked unarmed reaches for all races
- included weapon reaches settings from Realistic Melee Range
- added perks overhaul
- reworked in-game Help sections
- removed load screens mentioning features not valid anymore in the current non-SKSE version
- permanently disabled Enchanting scaling -- Enchanting skill now raises dual wielded staffs powers
- global variables can be set via console to disable magic damages scaling to magic skills

2.1 02/11/16

Initial release


YASH has never been made with compatibility in mind. As such, incompatibilities with mods that alter the same features are to be expected. See Compatibility section in the Nexus description page for further details.


NOT supported. However, it's just a matter or removing all files listed in the FILES USED section.


Just uninstall the mod as you're used to do. Make sure you DON'T continue playing with an existing YASH game save with the mod uninstalled. Uninstallation of the mod from existing game saves is NOT supported, NOT recommended and definitely NOT technically feasible by any means. This is not a peculiarity of YASH but just the way Skyrim works.


Use of any of the resources in this plugin is strictly forbidden without the author's permission. However, you're free to provide mod translations without asking for permission first. Translations should be provided as patches using YASH as a master. Open YASH in TESVEdit, alter every YASH2_ message found in the Message branch in TESVEdit after having copied as override the entire branch in a new file, save the work as a new ESP and you're done.


Find me on Nexus


You can change the following race stats in xEdit using the Custom Races ESP:

- Starting Health
- Starting Magicka
- Starting Stamina
- Base Carry Weight
- Health Regen
- Magicka Regen
- Stamina Regen

Nothing prevents you to change the other stats as well anyway. If you use race mods you will have to forward the changes to whatever race patch you're using.

Initial player skills and attributes are set at runtime right after the character menu is closed.
To set them to your likings copy the included YASH2_StartingSkills.txt in the main game directory [usually \Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition],
then change the values in there. Once in game bring down the console and type "bat YASH2_StartingSkills" BEFORE you close the character menu.