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An updated version of DutchWendigo's Faction Skill Requirements mod. Until he finishes his overhaul, he has given me permission to upload this small update. I modified the scripts so that the quests update reliably when a skill requirement is met.

Permissions and credits
  • Russian
  • Polish
(Copied from the original mod page:)

Requires USSEP as of Version 1.1

This mod was created because I got tired of being able to become the head of a faction or guild when I didn't have have the technical requirements to be one.  A player can go through most of the Mages Guild quest line without having to cast a spell, become leader of the Dark Brotherhood with 0 stealth ability, Become Guild Master of the Thieves Guild without being able to pickpocket, and become head the Companions without knowing how to swing a weapon.  Well no more I say, no more.

What Does This Mod Do:
At its core this mod forces the player to develop their skills that pertain to their faction at certain stages within the quest line.  For example the Mages Guild quest line will need to have the player develop their magic skill before they can progress.  The same system applies to the Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood, and Companions story lines.  

How Does This Mod Work:
This mod lightly modifies the Quest stages of the Dark Brotherhood, Thieves Guild, Companion, and Mages Guild story quests.  The new stages are implemented in such a way that non of the core quest code is modified in anyway.  If the player does not meet the skill requirements, they will have to train the required skill. 
     When the requirement is met they will be able to proceed. This mod does not add any new quests but rather adds stages to the already existing Faction/Guild Quest lines.  If the vanilla quest progresses from stage 10 => 20, then this mod will instead make it go from stage 10 => 15.  This stage keeps track of the player's skill level until the requirements are met.  When the skill requirements are met the mod will then set the stage to where it is supposed to be as if the mod wasn't there.

   There are some cell changes that add, 1 or 2 objects that some assets (such as doors) use as parents to enable and disable them in a lore friendly manner to keep the player from progressing while the training stage is active.  For example the mod places dummy beehives during the Thieves Guild quest line to prevent players from burning it down while the training stage is active. Some doors are temporarily replaced with dummy doors to keep people from cheating the system. 

To Do List:
  • Balance mod.
  • Publish to Xbox One when deemed safe. (developing debug menu for consoles in case of issues.)
  • Add requirements for civil war quest line. <= May or may not be scrapped due to the dynamic nature of some the capture quests along with that many people have the restored cut content mod, will give it a shot if enough people are interested..
  • Stay tuned for more.

     1: If using Nexus Mod Manager, or Mod Organizer simply download, install, and enable the ESP.
     1b: If installing manually Unzip the archive and place the ESP, and BSA(or loose) file(s) into the Data folder.
  2. Uninstall with preferred mod manager.
  3. If manually installed delete ESP and BSA (or loose) file(s).
    3b. IGNORE IF USING .BSA VERSION. If user has installed the now discontinued loose files, use the optional BAT file to remove all the loose file scripts.  USER MUST REMOVE THE SCRIPT FILES AS SOME WILL BE TRIGGERED THROUGH DIALOGUE IF LEFT IN THE SCRIPTS FOLDER EVEN IF THE .ESP IS REMOVED..
Change Log:
Version 1.O:
  • Initial Release
Version 1.05:
  • Updated Mages College progression requirements.  Player is no longer forced to train a single magic school but rather a school of their own choosing.
  • Added Bat script to assist with the removal of loose files.
Version 1.06:
  • Hiked Companion, and Mage's Guild requirements due to the fact that melee skills are easy to level, and that magic can be spammed to train skills.
  • Altered some Thieves Guild requirements to put more emphasis on: Lock picking, pickpocket, and speech skills.
  • Fixed some spelling and quest log errors.
  • Cleaned up some scripts I deemed messy.
  • USSEP and BQO patch.  <= USSEP part will be obsolete with next update.
Version 1.1:
  • USSEP is now required.
  • Overhauled all the code, less messy, smoother, and better overall. Also easier to work with for future updates.
  • Changed some descriptions, further balanced some requirements.
Incompatible With:
  • Thieves Guild For Good Guys           <= Quests will not start, the half patch that I can make still results in broken dialogue rendering the mod useless.
  • Dark Brotherhood for Good Guys    
     Any mod that alters Dark Brotherhood, Companion, Thieves Guild, and Mage's College quests.
People are free to make compatibility patches to help this mod function with mods that alter the same quests.

      None that I know of, but the mod has only been tested on my system.  If you find any bugs please comment detailing it and will be addressed.  

      Nobody is allowed to post or publish this mod or an altered version of it on any platform without my permission.  
      Everyone is free to create compatibility patches to let this mod function with other mods that alter the same quests.

Xander9009: Provided invaluable scripting advice.
Candoran2: Providing invaluable scripting advice.

Mareeni: Providing USSEP_BQO patch for 1.06