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Extension for Live Another Life that gives you the option to start as a hunter with a dog companion and modest cabin west of Falkreath as a player home.

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Mod Description

You'll start outside of a cabin in the forest west of Falkreath with your dog Ulf by your side and a bow on your back.  You soon learn your cabin is locked and your hunting partners have took off on another hunt without you.  Track them down and retrieve the key to gain access to your new home.

This is my first mod and it was created for personal use as I wanted to start a new game as a hunter with Hunterborn, Frostfall, iNeed, and other immersion / survival type mods, but I didn't feel any of the current options for Live Another Life really fit what I wanted.  The camping option from LAL was close, but the immersion and difficulty mods I play with make starting in that colder climate with only a tent a real challenge to put it lightly.  I wanted a starting location in a warmer area and a real home instead of only a tent.  Nothing fancy like Lakeview Manor though.  I'm a poor hunter killing to survive, not a rich land owner out for a trophy hunt.  I can "upgrade" to a tent once the money I make from skinning and selling pelts allows me to better equip my character for life in the cold mountains.

About me

As stated in the mod description, I created the mod for my personal use.  After I was finished I liked it and decided to share it.  I'm not a modder and don't plan on releasing any more mods or upgrades / improvements to this one, but if anyone finds anything that I messed up or you would like to see done differently please let me know and I'll do my best.


Only one minor incompatibility I have found so far is with the follower mod Song of the Green.  There are two animal skulls that float slightly above the ground next to the cabin if that mod is installed.  They can be disabled from the console if you are using that mod.  Before smashing, batching, and merging I've got ~260 esp's in my load order and everything is working fine together with that one exception.

Thanks and Credits

First and foremost a huge thanks to Arthmoor!  I obviously wouldn't have been able to create this mod without his Alternate Start - Live Another Life Mod.  I also wouldn't have been able to create this with his great tutorial on creating extensions for LAL.  I also need to give credit to DarkFox127 on YouTube whose many videos I followed while creating this.