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Adds a new set of Guild Master armor with a Dark Brotherhood theme. New textures are male only.

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This mod adds a new version of the Guild Master's armor to the game, named Guild Master's Brotherhood armor. It takes the best enchantments (IMO) of Muffle, Backstab and Fortify Sneak from the various Dark Brotherhood armor and places them on a new set of armor with a red trim. Note that the new textures are only for the male version, the armor's textures will be the same as the normal Guild Master armor when used on a female character or companion.

You can create the armor at a forge after completing Under New Management by combining the Thieves Guild Armor and the Shrouded Armor with the cloth hood, as it's the one with the Sneak enchantment. You will also need the Arcane Blacksmith perk to create it, or use the Honed Metal mod and have a decent smith make it for you.

This mod also comes with a patch and merged esp for Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes which I recommend. There is also a retexture option for changing the buttons and clasps of the armor from grey to a more golden color.

Full disclosure: I am a novice modder. Whilst I am reasonably certain this mod is fully functional and has no random edits, I cannot give a 100% guarantee that it will not corrupt your save, uninstall your game and burn down your house.

Created using Nifskope, GIMP, Creation Kit, xEdit and Merge Plugins.

Author's rambling notes: I created this mod after getting fed up looking for a new thief armor mod on the Nexus that suited my tastes. Turns out it isn't too difficult to create a new armor set with textures, though 8 years ago when the game released and I wanted to make a similar mod to this it certainly seemed like a tall mountain. The armor textures only work for males because unlike some generous mod authors I am selfish and made this for myself, and I only play male characters. I would make a female version were it not for the fact that females use a different texture for the torso and I'm too lazy to do it all again. The red trim on the armor was inspired by the Dark Brotherhood shoulder bag from the Bandolier mod though I don't guarantee the red color will match as I don't currently use that mod.