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HHaley - Darkjesusmn

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Replacer For HD dust Effects from 128px(vanilla) to 3 x 1024px Ported from skyrim to SE from Darkjesusmn

Permissions and credits
I have Full permissions from HHaley to upload this port from skyrim to SE here on the NEXUS ONLY!!!!

i have taken the loose files and converted them with the new CK archiver to make a new BSA for the mod, and saved a new ESP  so the BSA activates.

This mod  aims to correct the small dust particles and make them much more detailed. from small circle dots of dust to flowing dust and more compact dotted dust textures to give a Fine HD dust compared to vanilla.

this mod DOES make a impact on "Low End" pc's in FPS. if your using a low end rig a suggest not even trying this mod unless you have your game optimized.

if you have a mod that affects Dust particles in ANY WAY this mod needs to be activated AFTER that mod as this is only a replacer

The Original description  from HHaleyy

This is a replacer for dust effect textures.

Via a mod manager or manually merge into the data folder."

If you find anything weird from the Port like the dust textures not working for some reason ill reupload the loose files again instead of the BSA, i did a ton of testing and it looked like the mod was working just fine on SE but as we all say, bugs MAY happen. if they do make a comment ill try to see if there is a fix for it