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Materialize your spells into different swords and armors!

This is not my mod. The original author doesn't require permissions but does require credit. Credit goes to leron9999 for this mod. This was ported from Legendary Edition and all I did was updated the Nifs. The mod description is copied and pasted as-is. Do not expect any update

Permissions and credits
Battlemage Extended

There was a time when battlemages were amongst the most feared in combat; not for their prowess in magic and sword, no, but for their ability to merge both as if they were one and the same.

What is it?
Battlemage Extended is a magic and gameplay mod that allows you to equip a suit of armor and a sword from the spells you charge.

How is it done?
You have a lesser power called "Materialize". Activate it while charging a spell to don the armor or conjure the sword. Charging a spell on the left hand will equip a layer of armor over your current equipped gear, while charging a spell on the right hand will equip a sword as if casting a bound weapon. The swords and armors correspond to the school of magic. Example: charging a fire spell on the left hand and activating the Materialize spell will don the Fire Armor. 

In case you equip something else, like another sword or a spell, activate the lesser power again without charging any spell and you'll equip the last sword you materialized.

Power attacks, sprinting, jumping, and holding of the walk/sprint button will trigger the effects depending on the armor/sword. For Alteration and Conjuration swords, try power-attacking a corpse.


v1.12 A Few Things
  • Fixed the portal box bug
  • Added IMP_K_BoundWeapon Keyword to the swords for compatibility with Path of Sorcery
  • Reduced advance skill increase
  • Placed a magnitude requirement for triggering the healing wave for the restoration armor's effect
v1.1 Empower Armor
  • Reinstated the added buffs to the elemental armors
  • Nerfed Restoration Armor's recovery
  • Updated frozen effect from Frost Sword's power attack to avoid sudden ragdolls when the targets die
  • NEW MECHANIC: Created the lesser power Empower Armor which allows you to improve the battlemage armor using filled soul gems; the soul gems improve the armor's armor rating and the magnitudes of its effects
  • Install as normal and overwrite anything that needs to be overwritten
  • Update via MCM
  • Assets to be updated soon

Assets v1.2
  • Fixes the invisible handles bug
  • Includes all of v1.1
  • Install after v1.061
Assets v1.1
  • Changed 1st Person models to only show the gloves
  • Changed the Shock Armor models 'cos the initial version felt lackluster
  • Install after v1.061
  • Reduced salts when harvesting dead things with your Alteration sword
  • Includes all of v1.061
  • Note: Give it a minute or two for the scripts to apply to the actors around you
v1.06 Re-applied lesser magicka cost
  • Magicka cost of spells of the same element as the elemental armor's  is now lower based on your destruction skill
  • Changed method of opening your portable inventory: only one conjuration spell needed to open it
v1.05 Real magnitude fixes
  • Fixes the magnitude augments when casting elemental armors
  • Removed the lower magicka cost when casting elemental armors (for now)
  • Reduces the amount harvested when using the Alteration sword on dead things
  • Added a new MCM for updating the mod
v1.04 Magnitude fixes
  • Fixes magnitude and duration augments for elemental armors
  • No more falling damage for Illusion armors
v.103 Invisible Weapons Bug

  • Fixes invisible weapon bug
  • Includes all of v1.02 and v1.01 fixes

v1.02 Hotfix... of a hotfix
  • Fixes what v1.01 broke that prevented swords from appearing or crashing the game
  • All of v1.01's fixes and improvements included
  • v1.01 has been removed from the files section

v1.01 Hotfix
  • Fixes Shock Armor (v1 uses Frost Armor)
  • Improves magic effect descriptions in active magic effect screen
  • Added functionality: holding the shout key (z-key) for 5 or so seconds will remove materialized armor and sword

How to update:
  • Download and install the update, overwrite whatever needs to be overwritten
  • REMOVE ALL ITEMS FROM YOUR PORTABLE INVENTORY (charging two conjuration spells and pressing the sheathe / R-key)
  • Go to the MCM and click on the one update option in there
  • Say yes when prompted
  • Open console
  • type: help practitioner
  • Look for Battlemage Practitioner
  • type: player.removespell <battlemage practitioner's ID>
  • type: player.addspell <battlemage practitioner's ID>
  • You can return your items to your portable inventory 

Roadmap (of no promises):
  • MCM to allow updating via mod menu (this one for sure)
  • Growth with cost: improve the battlemage materialized armors via perk points or dragon souls or soul gems
  • More sword effects and sword growth
  • Make your own materialize armor? Make your own materialize sword? Crazy idea, and who knows how long that will take.

It uses scripts, yes, but I've tried it on my playthrough with 200+ plugins with little to no issue. Hopefully you won't have too much trouble. Also, a lot of the scripts there are unused, I just figured I'd put it in for everyone to see.

Compatible with other spell mod as long as it uses the proper keywords. Any new item or equipment mod that uses the Slots 50 and 51 will be incompatible with the armors (they use that slot).

Vanilla Skyrim

Known Issues:
A slight lag might occur when you summon the sword. 
Some effects with regards to power-attacking corpses may not trigger.

Use it as you will, but please at least credit me if you're gonna use its scripts or assets. No permission necessary.

3DS Max
Creation Kit

Used Assets:
URW - Useless Resources - Weapons by Urwy

GraysonTheWolf's Elemental Binding mod as I got the idea from there