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YAWTO adds around 150 trees to Whiterun. Main file is a merged version of the optional files. Everything properly cleaned. ESL Flagged Esp on everything.

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YAWTO adds around 150 trees to Whiterun.

Clipping might occur depending on the tree mod you're using (if you're using one)
First main file is for those using Lexy's LOTD SE (or if you want only aspens, tho I highly recommend to only use it with Lexy's).
All files are ESPFEs. That means that the mod won't count towards the 255 plugin limit.

Patch for Open Cities Skyrim here.

LE version here and here.

Not FAQ:
Q: Will this mod come out for LE?
A: Probably not.

Q: Is this mod compatible with x mod?
A: Probably yes, might have minor clipping. Ask for patches on the posts sections.

Q: Is it too performance heavy?
A: I'd say it really depends on your system. My system (i7-7700K, GTX 1070, 32GB DDR4 RAM), doesn't suffer to handle this. It actually runs it fine without any performance loss. If your hardware is weaker, you might see a very small performance drop.