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A simple mod which changes the weight of Dwemer scrap metal and clutter to better reflect how much metal it'll yield when you smelt it. Also changes the keywords of a few unsmeltable items for better inventory sorting through SkyUI, but note that this also changes who'll buy them from blacksmiths to general merchants instead.

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Flagged as an ESL, so don't let the .esp file extension throw you off!

  • Keyword on unsmeltable scrap changed from VendorItemOreIngot to VendorItemClutter: Dwemer Cog, Dwemer Gyro, Dwemer Lever, and Small Dwemer Lever

  • Weight of smeltable scrap changed to 30% more than that of the ingots it smelts into with the vanilla recipes: Large Dwemer Plate Metal, Small Dwemer Plate Metal, Dwemer Scrap Metal, Bent Dwemer Scrap Metal, Large Dwemer Strut, Solid Dwemer Metal, and Large Decorative Dwemer Strut