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Changes the Staff if Magnus projectile from "Concentration" to "Fire and Forget" (i.e from Sparks to Thunderbolt).

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As implied by the title, this mod will change the Staff of Magnus firing mechanism to single shot as opposed to concentration (constant stream). 

The change is akin to the difference between the Sparks spell and Thunderbolt. 

I've kept the values at vanilla, you'll probably see the enchantment amount last a whole lot longer. Also (since vanilla records are modified) any mods that alter the damage of the Staff of Magnus should still work if they are loaded AFTER this mod.

Have ran through the College questline with the weapon, can confirm it works as expected. Only caveat is it'll seem like it takes more "hits" when dealing with the Eye of Magnus. 

Recommend to use this with my Staff of Magnus Reposition mod, found here.