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Add various functional bags, pouches, and other special containers. Ported from SSE, currently unchanged.

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Credit for the original mod goes to BralorMarr. Currently no more than a port of the Oldrim mod. Please endorse his original. See the original description reprinted below.


Add various functional bags and pouches (using Dragten meshes and textures)
and other special containers. The bags can be opened, used to auto-sort
and simplify your main inventory. They reduce the weight of items
within by 20% (40% when the bag is worn) and finally, certain bags can
be worn on the right side or swapped to the left side on the spot. The
bag interaction menu can be hotkey-ed for convenience.

This is not meant to be a complete and exhaustive inventory replacement or bag
solution. This is an experiment to see what is possible. I'm rather
hoping that someone will pick that up and extend it to all sort of bags
and items that match their function. Again, just something I made for
myself as an experiment but since it worked so well I thought I'd share.

  • Bags store only certain types of items. For example, Alchemist Satchel
    can only store ingredients, Hunter's bag can only store animal parts and pelts, etc.
  • Bags can be loaded automatically, thereby cleaning your inventory.
  • Some bags can be worn on either side.
  • Bags can be dropped and interacted with (animated)
  • Bags can be hotkey-ed for quick access.
  • Weight of bag is the base weight plus the weight of its content. Item
    inside weight 20% less and a further 20% less if the bag is worn on the player character.
  • All items are craftable of course.
  • Alchemist Satchel (brown and black)
  • Hunter's bag
  • Miner's bag
  • Scroll holder (brown and black)
  • Front Vial belt (brown and black)
  • Vial shoulderpad (brown and black)
  • Trinket shoulderpad (brown and black)
  • Jewelry Satchel (brown and black)
  • Bearproof food barrel
  • Gem pouch
  • Soulgem reliquary
  • SKSE
  • Bandolier - Bags and Pouches Needs to be installed, but not necessarily activated. Functional Bags
    contains no meshes or texture derived from Dragten's work, it only uses them with the author's permission.
  • Only one bag of a kind should be in the player's inventory because they
    will all weight the same. This is a limitation of Skyrim's engine. There is, however, no bug if you were to do so and no advantage whatsoever in doing so.
  • Bags revert to their default side on when the game is reloaded from desktop. Again, not a big deal.
  • Some bag combination display improperly on the player (seems to happen with 2 swappable bags on the same 2 slots)
  • These bags shouldn't be crafted willy-nilly because they link to a
    permanent chest. What it means is that it's perfectly safe to craft as much as you NEED, not level up smithing with it.
  • Bethesda for creating Skyrim and the Elder Scrolls series.
  • Dragten for his nice Bandolier meshes and textures without which this mod wouldn't look as good.
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