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Blacksmith forge remodeled.

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I was under the impression that i would be able to complete this mod over a weekend but it turned out to be quite the task. The meshes are very complicated, animations, markers and all these crap involved. There is room for improvement probably but i think that the current state is more than enough for a first release. Will keep working the models.

Includes new models and textures for the blacksmith workbench, sharpening wheel, forge (incl all clutter and new embers), anvil, hammer, tongs etc
Does not include new model for the forge Bellows, since the animation complexity is beyond my current level of knowledge.
Tanning Rack here

Incompatible with any re-texture of the blacksmith related. You may install such mods, but my models wont be affected.
Compatible with SMIM, brumberk fixes are 'forwarded' on my models. You have to overwrite SMIM upon installation or give priority to this over SMIM, depending on the mod manager you use.
If you use the Embers mod, you will also have to overwrite upon installation.

All meshes are optimized and they are extremely light, in some cases lighter than vanilla. This is not a high poly mod, it wont affect the performance.
Texture resolution varies between 4k and 1k.

I like object A but i dont like object B. Can you make a version without object B please?
No. Download, unpack, get what you need, delete the rest.

Would you upload all 1k textures for people with old rigs?
No. Download and the dds extension and scale your textures to whatever resolution you like.

Can you make a version that would match my whatever texture pack?

Oldrim version?

May i offer ideas for improvement?
Yes, it would be very much appreciated