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Enter the deadliest dungeon in Skyrim, the fabled Pit of 100 Battles. Many have tried to reach the bottom, but all have failed...

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***The dungeon entrance is located in the river along Dragon's Bridge.***

Thank you very much to Stormwolf AKA hirostormwolf here on the nexus for a showcase video!

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Welcome to the fabled Pit of 100 Battles, where warriors, mages, master thieves, voice-masters and more come to plunder and claim their fame. The Pit is a fantastical wonder of magic and nature, where energy thrums and a mysterious tune spurs any would-be adventurer on... but something is always watching and guiding. Sometimes it likes to play, and sometimes it's had enough. Will you be the one who makes it to the bottom? Or will you fall pray to madness and mystery, as you stumble upon the bodies of those who've failed before you?

Each floor is different in it's own way, with segments being "themed". Segments are split every ten floors. This means that floors 1-10 will be themed Nordic, floors 11-20 themed so-on and so-forth. 

To clear a floor, you must defeat the most powerful enemy before you. This means you need not defeat them all, so if you can distinguish the leader (or get lucky on who your arrow strikes true) you can advance without clearing each room. Or, you can indulge your wanton blood-lust and destroy every entity before you. The choice is yours. However, the tenth floor always is lair to a powerful and unique boss, such as Yggdra or the Lava-Maiden. Defeat these enemies and you will be well rewarded. 

Be wary, however. It is the fool who enters the pit unprepared. Bring supplies with you to sustain yourself, and you will have a chance. Every 10 floors you may be visited by a mysterious ally who can help unload your gear or replenish some few supplies, and every room you reach has guaranteed loot that has increasingly high chances of reward. 

There are few avenues of escape, but one guaranteed way out is clear - Every 10 floors a pathway to the surface anteroom will open up and grant some respite. These pathways stay open forever once reached by an adventurer, so the long trip can be done in segments if things are getting too rough.

Can you master the Pit of 100 Battles?

Credits go to MihailMods for amazing creature models, sounds and designs.