RUSTIC ANIMATED POTIONS and POISONS by dailyplanet and Gamwich
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Added: 02/11/2016 - 01:39AM
Updated: 07/02/2017 - 02:29AM

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Last updated at 2:29, 7 Feb 2017 Uploaded at 1:39, 2 Nov 2016

This mod is released ONLY on Nexus. If you see it on other pages it's probably stolen.

The mod adds very subtle, colorful animations to all vanilla potions and poisons (except White Phial). It's meant for vanilla graphic, but it should work with almost any ENB. Visibility of the animations and intensity of the glow depend on many factors, including:
- in-game time of the day
- use of any lightening mods
- any light sources
- use of ENBĀ  etc.
If you feel the effects are too strong or too weak, you can try to use one of the optional files. With some ENBs animations are not visible during the night or they are not visible at all.

Put the main file in your Data folder. Choose optional file (if you want to use one) and also put in your Data folder, overwrite files if asked.

The mod is NOT COMPATIBLE with anything that changes vanilla potions' meshes and textures (excluding White Phial). It is compatible with any mod that adds new potions, as long as they use vanilla meshes (the potions with custom meshes and textures will just have their original look without animations).

Gamwich for permission to use his wonderful textures, and for all the help in creating this mod.