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This plugin enables native translation nesting present within SkyUI, as well as English fallbacks

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How To Use
  • Create a translation file for your project just like you would as normal, i.e. `Data\interface\translations\skyui_se_english.txt` encoded in UCS-2 LE w/ BOM
  • Indicate a nested translation using `{}`, i.e. `$SKI_INFO7{}  Unequip all armor before Group Use?\nDefault: {}`
  • Pass translations between `{}` to nest them, i.e. `$SKI_INFO7{F3}` becomes `Unequip all armor before Group Use?\nDefault: F3`
  • You can nest nested translations as well as mix in raw text:

$HelloWorld{}Hello {}!
$QuickBrownFox{}{}  The quick brown fox says "{}". {}.
$DeathAndTaxes{}{}  {} and {}
$Death  Death
$Taxes  Taxes

By passing $QuickBrownFox{$HelloWorld{world}}{$DeathAndTaxes{Death}{$Taxes}} to Debug.Notification(), we see The quick brown fox says "Hello world!". Death and Taxes. as a notification.

  • Scaleform parses keys case-sensitively, however Papyrus strings are case-insensitive. Consider prefixing your keys to avoid collision.