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A quick mesh mashup to cover the neck issue with the default male ebony armor model

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So if you happen to be one of those people that likes the look of the stock standard shape of the Ebony armor for male characters you may have at some point spotted a bit of an issue that crops up when wearing it with the sets matching helmet. This exposed patch of skin sticking out always draws my eye and bothers me much more than it should. Since by law of probability there should be others with this same petty trigger I thought I should share a rough solution.

Using Nifskope I took the undersuit of the ebony mail model and slammed it in on the normal armor model. Why you might ask? Simple, the Ebony mail has a better two part model that includes a full bodysock that features a properly shaped cover for the male neck. So with this quick frankenstein work the normal ebony armor has a proper fitting cover that patches up our neck seam.

This is by no means a proper fix however as the mesh piece taken from the ebony mail clips in some places with the normal armor mostly with the fabric strip hanging down between the legs in front but also a little here and there on the legs. Also the bit from the ebony mail of course still uses the textures from its own set so depending on replacement textures the two may not look so neat together, and while it shouldn't be an issue this also means your loading not one texture set but two in one armor piece.

Still since I find myself looking at the back of my own neck more than my crotch I find this 5 minute fix much better than staring at the glaring neck gap. unless somebody with the talent to really fix this comes along its this or another fix here on the nexus that deletes the neck making the head float without an ebony helmet on.