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Lets you see your character's body when in first person view. Also enables first person view for Horse, Crafting, Werewolf and Vampire Lord.

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Lets you see your character's body in first person view. Also adds first person view when you normally can't such as horse riding, crafting, werewolf, vampire lord and almost any other time when the game would force you to exit the first person view.

This mod is similar to the Immersive First Person View (Legendary Edition) but it's been remade completely from scratch for SSE so there will be big differences if you're used to the old one.


.NET Script Framework


Use a mod manager or install manually. The default configuration will overwrite the regular first person view, no extra configuration necessary but you can change most things with the config file found in /Data/NetScriptFramework/Plugins/IFPV.config.txt

It should be fine to install mid play-through as this mod is just a DLL plugin and does not change the save game.


Use a mod manager or just delete the files added during installation.

It should be fine to uninstall mid play-through but it's safer to do so if you are not in the first person view at the time of saving the game.

Fixable issues

Bow aiming is bad and looks really wrong and using XPMSSE mod: uninstall XPMSSE then reinstall without the Joy of Perspective support. If you had an existing save game where you used Joy of Perspective and it's still not fixed after this then open console and type showracemenu, change your race back and forth, accept and it should be fixed on that character. Thanks to Alteezy for figuring this out.

Have fancy third person combat / magic animations but they don't show up: go to settings and disable the vanilla first person arms by setting ShowNormalFirstPersonArms to false. You will now use only third person animations but bow and magic aiming will look pretty bad. I don't recommend playing like this unless you really need those animations badly.

You want third person kill-moves to be in third person view: find configuration option DisableDuringKillmove and set it to True.

Known issues

Incompatible with Alternate Conversation Camera.

When you save a game in first person view and close game, then reopen it will be in third person view.

When you save a game in third person view, then enter first person view and reload it will be in first person view not third.

When you have a weapon out the shadows of arms are missing.

Shadows of head are missing in Vampire Lord form.

When you have a weapon out and go to a menu (game paused such as the ESC menu) the arms will not be rotated correctly or completely disappear.

Some ENB effects or lighting may be slightly different in first person view, especially if you look down a lot. This is due to the near clip setting.

360 walk/run animations can cause the camera to behave strangely.

Clipping issues as always.