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Fantasy Architecture - texture merge of Tamriel Reloaded by 32cm/Tamriel Reloaded Plus by ciathyza

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*Finally re-enabled after fixing the incorrect information in the description!*


Tamriel Retextured is a TEXTURE overhaul of Skyrim's architecture, revamping the entire look of the holds, houses, imperial fortresses, and dwemer ruins. It gives a fruity, overgrown feel to Skyrim's towns and dungeons, 
and is a combination of 32cm's mod "Tamriel Reloaded HD" and ciathyza's updated textures from "Tamriel Reloaded Plus".

This is a combination of 2k/4k textures. I do not notice any problems running this in Special Edition, and Oldrim should run it fine as well.
But, that isn't to say, on a weaker pc, that there may be a small performance loss similar to mods like Noble Skyrim - 2k.



This will replace the textures of mostly every house, stronghold, cave, dwemer ruin, 
so install this mod on top of all other retexture mods such as 'Noble Skyrim'.
This means that my mod should be compatible with things like 'SMIM' that edit meshes entirely.
It will also be compatible with tree/flora mods, as no tree or grass textures/meshes are modified.

1. Install through NMM/Vortex/MM or manually

2. Run Texgen from Dyndolod to generate matching lods and prevent pop-in
(Not required, but recommended for lods to match new textures)

3. You're done!

Proof of permissions from 32cm and ciathyza can be found by clicking their names :)
All credits to these authors, as they are the original creators of the textures used in this mod.