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A totally rebalanced rate of earning XP, attributes, leveling rate for both PC and Skills. Utilizes almost every feature of the Uncapper's code to create a longer, balanced playthrough with more rewarding choices.

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Version française ici!

Great to use with Invasion of Skyrim!
Evittalex's Uncapper - Enhanced Legendary - Smart XP - Attributes

Introduction & Background
Listen, we're all used to starting a new playthrough in Skyrim as soon as the smallest inconvenience happens. Some of us (like myself) are just used to it after being a Skyrim veteran for longer than 6 or 7 years. However, the downside to starting over is you have to start at level 1 again.

So what? What's wrong with Level 1? Well, when you've been using any plugin for the Skyrim Skill Uncapper, chances are you've noticed that a LOT of people like to slow down the speed that skills level at, or perhaps they plateau the player character's level at 30. Great! So I hit 30-33 every single playthrough, yet I've chunked my way through at least 50+ hours and I really feel like I should be at least a little bit further into my adventure.

That's where this plugin comes in. Yet another Uncapper, I have designed mod this around a few things;

Convenience Is Key

Getting through the first few levels can be tough on a heavily modded playthrough - let's make it a little easier at first. Upon hitting level 2, you will be granted 3 perk points. This should be just enough points to help you define what character class you want to go into. 

Want to be a heavy armor, two-handed warrior who can still defend themselves with their blade? Set!
Want to be a necromancer, but you have to choose between Destruction, Alteration and Conjuration? Not anymore!
You love the Thieves Guild but hate the perks down every lockpicking and pickpocket tree? Now you have 2 floater perks you can spend immersively!


Balance In All Things

You only get 3 perks at once one time, at level 2. The next perks are distributed as per below;

the way this works is
from level 3 -> 9, you will get 1.0 perk points. At level 10, you will receive 2.0 perk points. Then it returns to formula from 11 -> 19 again, then 2.0 perks at 20 and so on.


Upon reaching level 100, you have enough perks and you will start to receive a perk every other level instead.

Below is the formula for gaining ATTRIBUTES such as Health, Magicka, Stamina & Carry-Weight. We get to have a little but of fun here. You will notice that Carry-Weight can be gained through HEALTH level up as well, but not as fast as through Stamina

Pink = Player Level

2=25 health + 3 carry-weight
6=15 health + 3 carry-weight
10=10 health + 3 carry-weight
50=50 health + 10 carry-weight
51=10 health + 3 carry-weight
75=50 health + 10 carry-weight
76=5 health + 2 carry-weight
100=100 health + 10 carry-weight
101=3 health + 1 carry-weight

2=25 magicka
6=15 magicka
10=10 magicka
50=50 magicka
51=10 magicka
75=50 magicka
76=5 magicka
100=100 magicka
101=3 magicka

2=25 stamina + 15 carry-weight
6=15 stamina + 7 carry-weight
10=10 stamina + 7 carry-weight
50=50 stamina + 50 carry-weight
51=10 stamina + 7 carry-weight
75=50 stamina + 50 carry-weight
76=5 stamina + 5 carry-weight
100=100 stamina + 100 carry-weight
101=3 stamina + 3 carry-weight


Not too grindy now!

I have balanced the experience multipliers to reflect what I believe a realistic gain would be, assuming that the skill no-longer plateaus at "100" and now levels to 255. I have noticed that most Uncappers slow the leveling rate down by as much as 90% when the player is reaching skill level 90 and on. This just about defeats the purpose of an Uncapper!

You will notice that grinding-skills like Smithing and Sneak have seen increased EXP gain to offset the absolute headache of sneaking into a wall behind an NPC or crafting six thousand daggers. We've all been there!

(Detailed breakdown hidden in the spoiler)


Reasonable gain to PC Level!
Below is the contribution that your skill upgrade will have to your PC level. The formula is hidden in the spoiler, but to put it simply...

Your PC Level gains "EXP" based off the Skill you leveled up. This list shows how much "EXP" that skill will contribute, where a multiplier of "1.0" was the vanilla "EXP" contribution.

You will notice that early on, leveling Pickpocket/Lockpicking/Smithing/Enchanting will provide more A LOT MORE PC level experience than it will later. This is designed to allow the game and it's leveled lists to advance at an accelerated pace as the assumption is that the Player Character is stealing/smithing/enchanting powerful loot. Later, the contribution drops very low. Careful!

(Detailed breakdown hidden in the spoiler)


And the Finale!
Finally, changes have been made to the "Legendary" ability. The default value to legendary is 100 in Skyrim and set the skill back to your race's default value, but this uncapper will make two changes.

Skill Level to Use Legendary - > 75
Skill is Reset To - > 1

Please note that you will not see a prompt to "legendary" upon reaching 75 or even 100. It is hidden by my design.


This is the easiest part. Simply refer to the below, and follow the original page by Kassent on how to get this working. It's extremely simple.

First - Install most up-to-date SKSE64
Second - Download this https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/8889
Third - Follow the instruction on the above link to install a DLL loader appropriately
Fourth - Drag these into Data/SKSE/Plugins and you're done!


Thanks for checking the mod out! Remember to leave a comment with feedback and endorse after you've downloaded!

Credit for original Uncapper goes to both SKSE team and Kassent for getting this bad-boy up and running!

I have received a few offers for donations again - this is very kind. If you wish to donate, you can click on my profile and "donate" or here is the direct link. paypal.me/Evittalex

Version française ici!