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What if the signs were made by actual people from skyrim? A complete signs retexture overhaul, extreme attention to detail and immersion, 1k optional.

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  • Ukrainian

Thank you guys! perfect showcases!

After endless hours it's done!
The idea behind this mod, is to make the signs more organic, like made by actual people with real life materials.
I found weird that in every single sign retexture mod, they all look like made by the same individual, same style and technique, no matter if the inn owner was a man or woman, no matter their profession or personal details.
In my vision, you will find that some signs were made by more skilled artists than others, more poorly made.
Some signs were made by the same traveling artist...(can you find the secret story hidden in subtle details spreaded in some of the signs...?)
Feel free to toggle free camera and see in detail every brush stroke, small mistakes or paint stains.
It started as a simple stuff to do, and it ended as something I put a lot of passion and love, that also helped me to learn a lot.
I hope you like it!

Important notes:
-Couldn't figure out how to retexture the Belethor sign in Whiterun at the moment :(
-Some normal maps are impossible to mod without editing the meshes (beyond of my abilities at the moment)
-Of course that you will find some signs that you don't like, feel free to delete it in your installation before telling me, I don't care.
-Constructive criticism its welcome, trolls or smart asses that push the envelope will be instantly reported and most probably banned.
-Don't try to use texture optimizers, it's already optimized for best quality and performance. (actually try it if you want, the file size won't change anyways)