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Made from ~20 micron resolution stereographic photographs produced by the Particle Flux Analytics Multi-Angle Snowflake Camera (MASC). Also, modifications to snowfall for Obsidian Weathers.

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The Cathedral Concept
Yee - Snowflakes

The Cathedral Concept is a comprehensive visual overhaul for Skyrim. It is lightweight, consisting mostly of retextures and improved models, so that you can use it as a foundation without having to worry extensively about compatibility. This mod page is for snowfall found in The Cathedral Concept. 

These are images of falling snowflakes, taken simultaneously from multiple angles with microscopic resolution. Doesn't get any more bad ass than this people.

The Multi-angle Snowflake Cameras was developed in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Utah with support from the US Army, NASA, and the National Science Foundation.


The texture will work with most weather mods, but the esp requires Obsidian Weathers as a master. Snowfall for Obsidian Weathers was overhauled to reduce repetitive patterns, snowflake ghost trails, and to upscale the particle size so you can see your new snowflake textures.


There are two primary philosophies when it comes to modding, Parlor and Cathedral, originally coined by the former modder, Wrye.

In the Parlor view, we consider mods as privately owned works of art displayed in a modder's parlor. We invite others to come appreciate our work. We directly receive compliments and endorsements, encouraging us to produce further work. 

In the Cathedral Concept, we consider modding a joint effort. We share our work with each other to foster further mod development, to keep the community alive, and to contribute in the construction of mods of monumental scales, akin to Cathedrals. Individually, our contributions may be small and not worth doing for themselves, but by each person contributing something, we construct something larger and more worthwhile than any of us could do on our own.