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This mod adjusts magicka cost scaling so that spells in a particular school are 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, or 90% cheaper at 100 skill than at 0 skill. In vanilla Skyrim, magicka costs for spells in each school scale up to 41% cheaper at 100 skill than at 0 skill. Increasing the scaling lets you use high level spells without enchanted gear if desired.

Permissions and credits

In vanilla Skyrim, it is practically impossible to be an effective magic user without using enchanted gear to reduce your casting costs to nothing, or near-nothing. With no perks, a single Fire Storm costs 847 magicka to cast at 100 Destruction skill (It costs a whopping 1426 magicka at 0 skill!). Even getting every single magicka cost reducing perk only reduces your magicka costs by half, which is not enough to enable the dragonborn to cast expensive spells effectively.

This mod increases the magicka cost level scaling already present in vanilla Skyrim so that the dragonborn can cast spells effectively without needing 100% cost reducing enchanted gear. The options available are 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, or 90% cost reduction at level 100, compared to 41% cost reduction at level 100 in vanilla Skyrim. This will still stack with other magicka cost reductions, like the magic tree perks, and enchanted gear.

I recommend the 80% or 90% option for a balanced feel. This reduces casting costs by 66% or 83%, respectively, compared to vanilla Skyrim at 100 skill.

How vanilla magicka scaling works:

From UESP:

"Spell costs obey the following formula:
Cost = base cost × skill multiplier × perk multiplier × equipment multiplier × dual cast multiplier
Skill multiplier = 1 − (skill/400)^0.65
The skill multiplier equals ~0.5939 when the skill is 100."

In other words, in vanilla Skyrim, magicka costs scale from being 100% at 0 skill down to 59% (41% cheaper) at 100 skill. This effect seems fairly large, but in practice it is very subtle, as high level spells have extremely high base casting costs (Fire Storm for example has a base cost of 1426).

What this mod changes:

This mod adjusts the skill multiplier so that magicka costs scale down further. The options available are 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, or 90% cost reduction at level 100.

Why this mod is balanced:

Magic in vanilla Skyrim is practically unusable without crazy enchanted gear. This mod just removes the requirement of cost reducing gear in order to be a viable mage. Considering that in vanilla Skyrim you can already get down to 0 casting cost with enchantments, I don't think this mod is unbalanced at all by reducing costs by up to 83% compared to vanilla (10% of base costs with the "90%" option compared to 59% of base costs in vanilla at 100 skill).

Compatibility/Load Order

-Everything except mods specifically noted below.

Not Compatible:
-Only mods that alter the exact same thing would be incompatible, and I don't think any other mods do.

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