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This mod fixes the problems encountered with the ShowRaceMenu command and allows to your character to change into any race, including custom ones, and preserve your skills and perks.

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Here is the converted version 3.0 of the ShowRaceMenu Alternative mod from the original Skyrim game.

ShowRaceMenu Alternative is not just a debug function, it is also integrated into the game without breaking immersion.
A "lore" version allows you to customize and have race-changing scrolls added to the various mages in-game for purchase.

In addition, the problems encountered with the ShowRaceMenu command are history (i.e reverting back from Werewolf/Vampire lord).

Whatever your race may be, even if vampire's blood runs through your veins, you can change into any race, including custom ones, and preserve your skills and perks.

All you have to do is to go in the spells menu (in the powers tab), use the "ShowRaceMenu Alternative" spell and follow the instructions.

Don't use directly the "ShowRaceMenu" command, it will not work.

There are no prerequisites for this mod.

If your character has legendary skills, they won't be automatically restored, this will require an update of SKSE.

This mod does not change any Race, NPCs, quest, or anything else.
The original game (Vanilla) was completely preserved, there should therefore be no conflict with any other mod.

Automatic Installation :
- It is recommended to use the Nexus Mod Manager to easily install the mod and keep it up to date.

Manual Installation :
1. Download the latest version of ShowRaceMenu Alternative.
2. Open the archive using 7zip or Winrar.
3. Put "ShowRaceMenuAlternative.esp" and "ShowRaceMenuAlternative.bsa" in the game folder.
(Default: C:\Program Files\Steam\Steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\Data)
4. Launch Skyrim, click on the "Mods" tab and check the box next to "ShowRaceMenuAlternative.esp".

Thanks to bbe for his translations of the mod description, as well as for testing this mod.
Thanks to Sagittarius22 for testing this mod.
Music: Thanks to Matti Paalanen for this wonderful copyright free music used in the mod.

This mod may not be published or modified without my permission.
I do not intend to publish my mods on, don't waste your time asking me to do.