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Decreases the texture quality of Skyrim Flora Overhaul for better performance

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This mod optimizes the texture quality and resolution of Skyrim Flora Overhaul textures for better performance. Especially useful in Skyrim VR

This mod is a patch for Skyrim Flora Overhaul, so you need to have it installed.

The textures are decreased by -50% to -75% in resolution and they are saved in a less space-consuming format. Some of the textures are originally up to 22 megabytes but with this mod they are only 0.7 megabytes without a major loss in visual quality. If you are using SkyrimVR the quality loss is almost unnoticeable, but framerate is improved by up to 15 fps in areas dense in flora.

Tree lods are not affected, so you should install the official 2K LODS

Only tested in SkyrimVR, where the overall resolution is significantly lower, so might not look as good in Pancake Skyrim.

- Skyrim Flora Overhaul

- Vurt for creating Skyrim Flora Overhaul