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A patch for Immersive Horses to work in Beyond Skyrim - Bruma. Use the Immersive Horses features, commands, and management system with the Paint Horses from Bruma.

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Immersive Horses - Bruma Patch

This is a patch for Immersive Horses and Beyond Skyrim - Bruma SE. Please read the description before installing or asking question in the comments. 

Anything important to know?

The "Horse Breeds.json" file included in this patch will need to overwrite or replace the file of the same name from Immersive Horses. This is necessary in order for the Bruma horse breeds and stats to be editable and show up correctly in the stats menu. 

If you are doing a manual install or still using NMM, consider making a backup copy of the Horse Breeds.json file from Immersive Horses before installing this mod. You will need that file back if you ever decide to uninstall Beyond Skyrim - Bruma and/or this patch.


What does this patch do?

  • Ride your horses in Bruma.
  • Use the Immersive Horses commands and menus with Paint Horses from Bruma.
  • Use the immersive Horses management system with Paint Horses (rename, change ownership, et cetera).
  • Claim stolen Paint Horses horses and manage them.
  • Customize the stats of your Paint Horses from Bruma.

What updates are planned?


Immersive Horses - sevencardzCyborgArmGunKrittaKitty 
Beyond Skyrim - Bruma SE - BeyondSkyrimDC, The Beyond Skyrim - Cyrodiil Development Team