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Fixes the bug that causes weapon enchantments to drain more charges, and increase drastically in price, after the game is reloaded. Ported from LE.

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This is a port of the Enchantment Reload Fix from the Legendary Edition, made by egocarib. Please note that I made no changes to the mod aside from the ones required to port it to SE, so expect the same features as the original.

The following text is the original description:

Enchantment Reload Fix
by egocarib

You may have noticed the game engine bug that causes weapon enchantments to drain more charges
after you save and reload the game. The price of enchanted weapons also jumps significantly higher.

These problems become worse as your enchanting skill increases. Once you've reached a high level and
begin placing more than one enchantment on a weapon, the charges can drain extremely quickly after game
reload. These side effects are all due to an error in how the game stores enchantment data, which causes
it to incorrectly recalculate the costs associated with player-made enchantments after the game reloads.

This SKSE plugin fixes all these problems, so that you can now enjoy having an enchanted weapon that
retains the same price and number of charges that were displayed at the enchanting table when you
first enchanted it, no matter how many times you reload the game.

Works for custom/modded enchantments too.

Note: enchantments made before installing this plugin won't be fixed, unless you
enchant a new item using the exact same duplicate effect(s) with the same strength.

Huge thanks to the hard-working & always helpful SKSE team.
Plugin source available here.