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The Pale Lord, a powerful vampire follower featuring scripted abilities and custom textured armor found dwelling in the Moldering Ruins..

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The Pale Lord

     an ancient nightmare has awoken...

The Pale lord is an ancient Dunmeri Vampire from the first era whose true name is all but forgotten, he was believed to have been slain by the original Dawnguard during the second era...unbeknownst to them however he survived their onslaught, as the eons passed the Pale Lord grew ever more powerful becoming one of the mightiest Vampires to ever live., since the years have passed he has lost his desire to spill innocent blood, but a rather unfortunate interruption to his sleep via the foolish Vigilant's of Stendarr threatens to change everything, maybe you should pay him a visit and perhaps he may be tempted to help you if you ask him nicely...

Encounter a Uniquely designed Vampire Follower with both a custom appearance featuring Claws and a black textured outfit as well as scripted powers which include the ability to transform into a swarm of bats as well as being able to assume a monstrous War-form.

- Combat in his Vampire form -

  While in your usual form the Pale Lord will remain in his, he will fight by by swiping his opponents with his sharp claws but when you choose to assume either Vampire Lord or Werewolf form, he will transform into his monstrous Warform, he will revert to his usual form shortly after combat ends. 

- Combat in his Vampire Warform -

While in his Warform, he will focus on Strength and Power as opposed to speed and his attacks will drain Health from his opponents , his power attacks however will reveal the true strength that he wields and will send his opponent's flying.


Q. Where can I find this Vampire?
A. He is in the moldering Ruins south-west of Rorikstead, beware though he may be friendly but his Kin may not.

Q. What makes him so special and why should I use him?
A. He has a unique scripted ability that allows him to use the "Bats" ability as well as custom AI and cool black armor, he can also transform.

Q. Don't your Vampires in AAE use "Bats"
A. Not like this they don't, the Vampires in AAE used a lot of smoke and mirrors, this NEW "Bats" ability is far superior.

Q. What voice type does he have?
A. He uses the Dark Elf voice type, fitting given he is a Dunmer.

Q. What is his level range?
A. He has a minimum level of 25 and a maximum level of 100

Q. Is he a Vampire Lord?
A. He has his own transformations but he is not a Vampire Lord like Harkon, his form is rather primitive but still powerful.

Q. What is his real name?
A Call him whatever you want.

Q. How old is he exactly?
A. He came from the first era.

Q. By Sheogorath's Beard!! he is awesome!!
A. Not a question but thanks anyway?