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Riverside Shack is a unique and fully customisable player home. You have to start by re-building the old structure after defeating the Sabre Cat which has taken up residence. The shack is part of the vanilla game, but it really didn't have much of a purpose. Along with the customisation choices, the mod also includes some great features.

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Riverside Shack is an old abandoned dwelling just southwest of Windhelm, east of Gallows Rock and along the White River. In the vanilla game, it serves very little purpose other than to house a levelled animal, usually a sabre tooth cat. This mod aims to make much more use out of the abandoned shack by allowing the player to rebuild the broken down structure and turn it into a cosy home for the player to come back to after his/her adventures.

The mod comes with a short quest providing some backstory to the previous owner and provides a small reward depending on which path you choose to take. Building the home is a simple process and works similar to the Hearthfire system with tutorials provided as you progress through sections of the mod. You'll have the opportunity to customise your home, changing the colours of the bed covers, drapery and even roofing on the shack.

Make yourself at home, customise the shack to your style and relax by the river away from dragons, your spouse and adopted children.



Riverside Shack comes with a short story to help bring backstory to the shack and to blend it more into the land of Skyrim. It's a short quest and extremely quick to complete, especially if you take the easier route. The consequences of your actions however can have a lasting effect on the mod after the quest has been completed. You can read the spoiler below for brief details on the quest if you're experiencing those consequences.



The main compatibility issues with this mod will be with anything that edits the same cells, mainly riversideshackexterior01. One popular mod known to have an issue is Interesting NPCs, however, a patch has been included in the FOMOD to relocate the NPC in question.

Other minor compatibility issues will include mods that add animations to beds such as Go To Bed. A patch is included for GTB within the FOMOD. Additionally, any mod that adds a light source for the campfire in the abandoned shack will need the light to be enabled parented to the RSXStructrue reference, otherwise, there will be light bleeding through the walls from an old light source. Also included in the FOMID are patches for Relighting Skyrim and Tamriel Master Lights.

One final small patch is also the inclusion of two meshes for SD's Horn Candles.


A massive thank you to my partner simsim899 who managed to keep me on track with my modding ventures, providing valuable feedback and assisting with some elements here and there as required.

I would also like to thank TheBlackKnight3000 for his custom workbench. He's also made some changes to the windows to ensure they match up nicely.

Please find resource credits at the top of the mod page.