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A growing collection of Skyrim audiobooks I recorded!

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In my mod Anna NPCs, I've started to add recordings so the Followers read books aloud to you. Most of them are recorded as Anduniel (my natural voice), and some of them are in the voice of other Followers. In this Modders Resource file, the other voices can offer some variety.

- Drop them into some kind of library mod
- Make them a music track and script them to play when a Player reads the books in-game
- Put them in your music player and listen while you work
- Download Audiobooks for Skyrim and replace those recordings with mine (choice is yours of course!)

No permission needed, just credit. :)
I would love to see what you do with these!

Skyrim Special Edition and SSE CK

These are just .wav files ready to be input as voice files, audio tracks, or other, and will work in both Oldrim and SSE.
Oldrim (LE) version here!

Books and Notes Recorded (Article)
     Constantly growing as I record more!
Books and Notes Planned to be Recorded (Article)
     Constantly growing as I find more!
How to Replace "Audiobooks for Skyrim" with my Audio (Article)
     Easy guide!

Here are two books I simply recorded while in game:

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