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~Listen while you explore~

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   Audiobooks of Skyrim - By Bassna

Audiobooks of Skyrim enables you to listen to voice read audio of the lore all around Skyrim while you play. When you open up a book, journal, or note you will have a menu pop up shortly. It will have a few simple options, and greatly increase your immersion and read you tales you never thought possible. There are currently 560 audio files in Audiobooks of Skyrim. There are roughly around 100 still needed, mostly small notes. These will be added as they are done in future releases.

Same as most, simple download and load with your preferred Mod Manger, or if installing manually I'm sure you already know how.

Upon opening a book, journal, or note you will be prompted with a menu. Select 'Play Audiobook' to start listening to that piece of lore. If you would like to stop, open any book and select 'Stop Audio'. You may also select 'Read Manually' to look at the book as normal.

Hope you enjoy this mod, if so please endorse it. I've put a ton of hours into making this great for everyone, please let me know of any problems, issues, missing books (there will be a few, not many) and anything else for the next versions update. If you are interested in recording a missing book, let me know!

This mod does use a small script to connect which book is opened, to which audio file to play. Something to keep in mind if you plan on uninstalling it, although it shouldn't be much of an issue. Will update as more info comes on here.

'Note' issue for VR users: For some reason the Notes are closer to your face than books. It will block most of the AoS option menu when opening a note. If that bothers you, changing this INI setting will move the note back a tiny bit and expose the full menu:

fNoteY: 0 to -1.

Want to help find all the missing books/notes? Want to help record them? Check here!