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Adds some tweaks on the perks "Hircine's blessing","Bestial hide"(renamed "survival of the fittest) and "Endurance of the Wolf" to make playing as a werewolf more reliable while in human form.

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Adds some tweaks on the perks "Hircine's blessing" and "Endurance of the Wolf" to make playing as a werewolf more reliable while in human form.

Here's a list of the modifications:

Hircine's Blessing: Now also adds a passive ability called Moon Well, which gives a buff to your health, magicka and stamina regeneration in both human and werewolf form, but only outside and during night (For each rank of the perk, you'll regenerate (in addition to your normal regenetration rate) 1% of your max magicka and stamina and 0.5% of your max health).

Bestial Hide->Survival Of The Fittest: Now also add, for each rank of this perk, 15% bonus physical damages to targets below half health, but only if you're above half health. 

Endurance Of The Wolf: The buffs to health, stamina and unarmed damages are nerfed to 20, 20 and 5 each per tier of the perk, regardless of the difficulty level but you'll gain a small health regeneration buff to compensate (0.5% of your max health each second at tier 1, 1% at tier 2. I might nerf it if I find it too OP)

I might adds some additionals tweaks in the future (I think notably about a buff to armor value during night, but I can't think of a perk that could be modified to suit that purpose, RP wise).If spwned, Moonlight Tales original author agrees, I'm also open to suggestions, so don't hesitate to comment on buffs you could find interesting and I might implement them in future updates (If doing so isn't too complicated. My programming skills are virtually inexistents and I only have a small understanding of algorithmic language.) Notify me too if you find any bugs.