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This mod fixes an issue with the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch regarding meat and apple pies.

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What is this mod?
The Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch (USSEP) adds meat pies to Skyrim to fix an issue where apple pie is referred to as meat pie. While a fine bug fix, the meat pie uses the same mesh though not the same texture as apple pie. This can create issues where the apple pie mesh and texture are changed causing the meat-pie texture to act up. This small mod fixes the above issue giving meat pie its own separate mesh. 

Ok... but I've never had an issue with pies before.
This mod only fixes anything if you are using a mod that alters the apple pie mesh. My suggestion is to use the apple pie mesh and textures from Ultra HD Apple Pies. As this is an old-rim mod the textures work out of the gate but the meshes do need converting. Sadly, converting using nif optimizer incorrectly removes vertex colors, breaking the mesh, so I will include a manual conversion of the mesh for the 4k version in optional files. The converted mesh will only work for the 4k version, if you want to use a different version you will have to rename the textures used in the mesh in nifskope. You will still need the original texture from Ultra HD Apple Pies. All credit for the meshes go to aviform.

Any other mod recommendations?
I also suggest along with the apple pie textures and meshes, to use this mod with a meat pie texture mod. My personal choice for this is Boiled Creme Treat Sweet Roll and Pies. Also quick shout out to the fantastic Lexy's: Legacy of The Dragonborn Guide. I originally posted this file, along with a few other files on the guide's discord , a few month's ago. I can't overstate my appreciation for the project and the work they are doing over there!

I don't want such a small mod taking up a precious .esp slot.
Due to the small nature of the mod it can be easily merged using something like mator's fantastic merge plugins or the soon to be released zmerge!

Alternatively, thanks to luxor8071, there is also an .esl version of the mod available under main files. You only need one of the main files either the .esp or the .esl version not both. Using the .esl version will make it so the mod does not take up a plugin slot meaning you won't have to manually merge the mods when you get close to the 254 .esp limit. Check here for more information on .esl files. (Also check out luxor8071's suite of texture mods, a ton of great stuff in there, though sadly nothing related to pie!)