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Add Compatibility between Elsweyr Imports and USSEP

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USSEP is one of my go to mods, but not everyone plays with it installed. If you make a mod and don't include USSEP as a master there will be vanilla edits used instead.

I aim to rectify that by making mini bash patches for those that use USSEP and don't want vanilla edits. Sadly not everyone is aware of this and will override USSEP settings if they download any mod created with vanilla.

A bash patch might fix it but during my experience with Wyre Bash; my bash patch was chaotic. It's like making mashed potatoes where I would rather make french fries.

Anyways this returns Hearthfire objects to Khajits and also removes the Belathor Investment bug that is attached to Khajit caravans but removed by USSEP.