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Modest starter home by Riverwood, across the river. Crafting, unique storage, fully Navmeshed for Followers.

Permissions and credits
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Now with V 2.0!
 - Reworked much of the interior, especially the first floor (bedroom loft is mostly same)
 - Recreated all storage from scratch, no more external assets (only the 2 paintings)!
 - Added comfortable Follower basement with beds for 2
 - Removed 1 mannequin, 2 remain
 - Added working butter churn (the vanilla Hearthfire one isn't actually used in game!)
2 recipes for making the same Hearthfire butter, one salted and one unsalted
 - New smelter using the large cauldron, because that huge thing is so cumbersome
(I Googled some images of old rustic smelters and they looked a lot like that)
 - Weapon racks - had wrong activators, replaced with the ones for "Player house"
 - Learned mannequins don't work if facing North side of the cell (brilliant, Bethesda...)

1) All the storage and static items have "no havok" flags, but if you ram them really hard you might still be able to knock them over. Don't do that.
You can use Jaxxon's Positioner to "lock down all (static) items in a cell" or so I am told.
2) USSEP: the only thing affected is a water record for the river in front of the cabin.
3) If your mannequins wander, you need "Vanilla Manneqin Script Fix," that is a vanilla bug, not my fault.
4) V1 will remain, for those who prefer it, but won't be updated or supported.

**It will look different in your game depending on if you have texture replacers, of which I have several.**

Traditional Chinese by Stchi Wong

Should be compatible with most anything. Only new records added, nothing replaced.
JK's Riverwood: YES
Lucien: YES
Kaidan: YES
Anna NPCs: Of course, YES!


For V1:

Artisenax Paintings
Google Images

For V2:
Paintings and Frames - Artisenax

Have fun! Upload your screenies, auto-approval is on.
V1 is on Bethesda.net as well, for PC and XBox.

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