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An addon to Deadly Wenches to add wenches to more factions

Permissions and credits
Adds wenches to the following faction's leveled lists:
  • Thalmor
  • Reavers
  • Cultists
  • Warlocks

Due to minimal opportunities to insert wenches into these existing leveled lists, wenches can also appear as
  • Dawnguard Scouts
  • Hags

For consistency, these npcs will use existing deadly wench stats/skills.

For vanilla-like balance, the following patches were provided:
  • Deadly Wenches - Faction Addon - Less Deadly Patch: Balances newly added wenches to vanilla enemies by changing npc records (perks, items, etc...) to closer match existing vanilla records.
  • Deadly Wenches - Faction Addon - Less Wenches Patch: Reduces frequency at which newly added wenches are encountered by reducing the number of  references in the leveled lists.