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This mod like the rest of my mods adds immersion to the game by making each standing stone useful and unique both early and late game

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First of all thank you for checking the mod, please take a look at the description before you decide to install


Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch

This mod is incompatible with any mod that changes the standing stone effects, should be compatible with anything else.

In order to safely install in middle of your playthrough, remove the standing stone blessing via console command and then install this mod

Standing Stones:

I always thought that standing stones were not that useful late game, except only two which are the lord and the Atronach stones and I felt like they could use some buff

The Apprentice :

Magicka regeneration rate : 100% > 200%
(Added 200 max magicka)
Magic resistance reduction : 100%

So this stone is for class cannon mages or conjurers who stay in the back, this is generally a good option for early game since late game is all about maxing resistance and armor rating so I buffed the good side to make it go-to for class cannon mages early game since it can not be viable late game

The Atronach :

Spell absorption : 50%
Fortify max magicka : 50 > 200
Magicka regenration reduction : 50% > 100%
(Magicka does not regenerate)

This one has always been the most powerful for non magic users especially late game (reducing spell damage by 50% and turning it into magicka) but the point is sacrificing magicka, but 50% regeneration reduction did not stop warriors from using it so I had to change it to like how it was in morrowind

The lady :

Health regeneration : 25% > 50%
Stamina regeneration : 25% > 50%
(Added 50% fortify speechcraft persuasion *wink wink*)

This one is useful but not that impactful so I buffed it a bit

The lord :

Armor rating : 50 > 100

Magic reesistance : 25% > 15%

Has been the second most powerful standing stone just because of the magic resistance, so I decreased the magic resistance and buffed the armor

The lover :

All skills improve 15% faster > 50%

Instead of going for mage thief warrior stones etc I prefer to actually give them different effects and combine them all in this stone, but 25% for all skills does not seem to pull it off since most people have completed the game multiple times, so I buffed it to 50% to make grinding for skills less exhausting (assuming you don't use console command for leveling up)

The Mage :

All spells are 25% stronger and last 25% longer
All spells cost 10% less magicka to cast (Stacking with other enchantments to reach the cap of 100%)

(Consider this enchantment same as archmage robes, it stacks with other enchantments)

The Thief :

Now increases all thief skills by 25%

25% Better sneaking
(Sneak detection)
25% Better pick pocketing
25% Better lock picking
25% Better selling value

The Warrior :


Total attack damage is increased by 20%
Total armor rating is increased by 20%
Total tempering is increased by 20% ( I made a typo in the mod and typed maximum health, will fix it next patch)

The Shadow :
Now this stone empowers the assassins making them masters of shadows thus
Granting immunity to falling damage
50% Bonus to sneak attack damage
50% Better sneaking (Sneak detection)

Now I felt like invisibility once a day is completely worthless since you can cast a single spell unlimited times that will grant you the same effect and you have so I turned this standing stone into the 4th class

The Ritual :

Radius : 75 ft > 150 ft
Max level : 75 > 100
Duration 200 sec > 300 sec

I thought of overhauling this one and making it a passive standing stone adding max number of summons by 1 however the ritual power is pretty darn strong.. so I just buffed it

The Serpent :

Paralysis duration 5 > 10
Poison damage 5 per second for 5 seconds = 25 > 10 per second for 10 seconds = 100
Works against even the bosses (Not dragons though to avoid bugs)

Now this one is good however it wasn't that effective, so I buffed it and I removed the restriction against bosses, so you can consider this stone the "boss slayer"

The Steed :

Armor weight 0% > 0% (still same)
Carry weight 100 > 100 (still same)
(Added 100 Stamina)
(Added 50% Stamina Regen)
(Added 25% power attack stamina reduction)
(50% falling damage reduction)

So the whole point is that this standing stone makes you lighter on your feet

The Tower Stone :

(Power remains the same)

(Added passive that makes lock picks never break)

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