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Removes the fog (not clouds) from the world map

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Update: Version 2.0 incorporates Chesko's edits from A Quality World Map v9+

If you would like to save a plugin slot, and you're comfortable making your own ini tweaks and familiar with making Bashed Patches, you can install just the textures from the one of the Vivid versions of A Quality World Map v9, but don't install the plugin or the scripts. Then install v2.0 of this mod and merge it into your Bashed Patch. Finally add Chesko's map ini tweaks to your SkyrimCustom.ini file.



Removes the fog (not clouds) from the world map, by changing the far fog value to -1* in the weather that the world map uses.

Inspired by (but built from scratch in the new SE CK) the optional plugin from Allana's World Map Min_Max Height Pitch Tweak mod for Classic Skyrim.

The roads and lack of clouds in the images are from the amazing A Quality World Map and Solstheim Map - With Roads by IcePenguin, which hadn't been officially released for Skyrim SE when I first uploaded this mod, but has now been released by Chesko.

I also installed High Quality 3D Map by Ethatron (which is also awaiting an upload for SE).


When Chesko did release the v9 of A Quality World Map, he included a plugin that made my mod obsolete as it also removed the fog from the world map and in addition tweaked a load of other things in the same record that v1.0 of my mod would cancel out if you loaded it after his.

However with Chesko's permission, I've incorporated his edits to the World Map Weather record in v2.0 of my mod.


 * I got the idea to use -1 from the FogOut mod for Fallout 4


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