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Getting tired of being awarded great enchanted items which you then won't ever use again? Disenchant them and use their effects on your favourite gear.

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Who doesn't know that feeling? You complete a quest, find a legendary artifact, only to store it in your house and use it never again. Not because the enchantment is crap, but just because you don't like the model or it's just not your type of weapon or armor.
This changes now. With this mod you are able to disenchant those items, and enchant the items you like with it. It removes Disenchanting restrictions on all items listed below and adds keywords to those enchantments so you can enchant them on the same geartype (Chestpiece, Weapon etc)

  • Mod expansions
  • Maybe rework missing enchantment names/ effects from Vanilla Skyrim
  • Add a way to preserve Items that you disenchant

None known

Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim - Reworks the perk tree, adding an especially useful perk with this mod in enchanting to keep disenchanted items