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Adds Salt Mines to Falkreath Hold, Winterhold Hold, and Raven Rock.

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Salt Mines of Skyrim - SE
Author - UWShocks

Cleaned with TES5Edit; no ITMs, no UDRs, No DelNavmeshes.
--Mod does not add scripts, so you can remove without worry of orphaned scripts.
Normal Skyrim version -
Also avail on

--Salt Mines for Salt Piles [cooking, alchemy]
--I created this mod because I like the idea of Salt Mines, for sake of immersion, and to help alleviate the problem of the player usually
being in short supply of "Salt Piles".
--I originally used a "Salt Mine" mod on Skyrim Nexus; but it was removed for some unknown reason, and I forgot to create a backup.
Thus, that mod was the inspiration for me creating this mod.
--There was a "request mod" thread in the STEAM Discussions, which further inspired me to create this mod.

Mod adds 3 Salt Mines to Skyrim.
--First in Falkreath Hold
--Second between Dawnstar and Winterhold
--Third in Raven Rock

Player can mine "Salt Vein" to obtain "Rock Salt". To refine down to "Salt Pile", player can use a "Cooking Pot" to boil down "Rock Salt" to "Salt Pile".

## 3 Rock Salt ---> 8 Salt Piles ##
--So for example: 3 Salt Veins = 9 Rock Salts = 24 Salt Piles

- You will at times see NPCs mine salt while hovering in the air.  This is due to the placement of the Salt Vein, not the mining marker.  Meaning I would have to readjust the location of each vein to be the same level, which also makes it appear odd.  So either you have hovering NPCs or mono-leveled Salt Veins.
---->  For now I left the Vein locations as is and the NPCs will continue to hover.

Feel free to use my mod for whatever you want. All I ask is credit for my work.
DO NOT UPLOAD to; I will do this myself to establish ownership of the file.  Those not respecting my wishes will be reported to

Want your Veins to glow like in my pics?
--Then use this mod:

--Detailed Mine Map Markers