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Adds a Power that allows to toggle the compass for players that do not want to use a full-fledged UI mod.

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A little something I had lying around for the longest time, uploaded by request.

Adds a Power that allows to toggle the compass. It does so by toggling at runtime the bShowCompass INI setting. No convoluted methods, no changes in the UI files, nothing of the sort. Just a harmless Power. Select it, cast it, done. Wait 3 seconds for the Power to cool down before toggling the compass again.

The setting is neither baked into the save file nor directly changed into the INI and it has effect only on the current game session: if you quit to desktop and reload the game, the compass at game load will be either shown or hidden depending on the setting saved in your INI. Nothing gets changed into your game files.

Load order: irrelevant. Should be compatible with any UI mod with all the bells and whistles, but if you use one you probably don't need this.

I won't make a Legendary Edition version so don't ask.