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Lossless SUPER hi res original music that works for all Skyrim versions including VR.

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What is lossless you say?  Super Hi-Res music pack is the vanilla music files unadulterated, uncompressed.  True lossless, not up scaled from lossy.  Absolutely no degradation in sound quality.
Example: Original game file   mus_combat_04_cg   752    kb.
Super Hi-Res   file   mus_combat_04_cg   21.5   mb.

Why the difference?  For one reason or another Bethesda decided to use a lossy format which cuts out information from the music (usually some bass is the first to go in mp3's) that is permanent, irretrievable.  This mod takes care of this problem by never cutting ANY information out of the music in the first place.

Testimonials:Phantronic says;
Boi, i gotta say: GREAT F.... JOB!!
I got the album, and comparing FLAC vs your WAW files - well, i can't tell a difference (Sennheiser HD650)!
How on earth did you manage to get all the palette files in this quality? Did you spit the "Skyrim - Atmospheres"?

Spongeman131 says:
I'll take everything I can get! I just fired this up; and I thought the other audio packs were good, but wow, this really does Jeremy Soule's work justice.

Scd2112 says;
Ok so WOW! Nicely done! Yeah I am requesting a FULL upload of "Atmospheres please. Might as well start the DEMAND now. Because this music pack just plain freaking blows anything else right out of the water. I'm like a kid on Christmas day man!

Masterlix1982 says;
To me the music is a driving force behind the game's overall impact; and this mod takes it the next level. Finally I can hear and enjoy all the nuances of the soundtrack; thankyou jarred1119

Available in loose files or under the optional section there is a BSA with an ESP w/ ESL flag. Enjoy.