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Why is it so hard to have a Beautiful strong woman that doesn't look like plastic girls straight out of an JRPG.

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This just adds 4 Basic face presets, 1 for each of the Human Races present in the game (Nord, Breton, Imperial, Redguard)
Most mods out there add really beautiful girls but they all look fake or rather plastic, straight from an JRPG which would normally be fine but if the rest of the world doesn't match the style then it stands out way too much.

This "Mod" is just 4 woman who don't stick out too much (unless you add mods over them), who are generally beautiful and will put other woman in the land of Skyrim to shame (In a natural way). I personally add a few visual mods cause the basic game looks like puke. This is for those who want to play a genuine playthrough or for use in other mods if you choose, and for the bunch that want a good looking character but aren't the best at customization. The last thing you wanna do is sink 300+ hours into a game with someone that looks like A**.

*They are just presets that use what the base Skyrim has to offer. So... Zero Requirements.

Recommended mods (If you want your game to look exactly like my images):
  1. Total Character Makeover (I think you could go without this and may still look good)*
  2. Seductive Lips HD SE Edition
  3. CBBE - Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer (Curvey Preset)
  4. KS Hairdos Lite SE (noNPCs)
  5. Salt and Wind - KS KS Hairdos Lite Retexture (this gives KS hair styles less of a fake look)
  6. SG Texture Renewal - CBBE (No Wet skin and the Smooth Preset)

I truly do recommend these mods to give the game a great but real look, as far as installation of the recommended mods go, install them in order that i mentioned them in (top to bottom) if your mod manager asked you if you want to overwrite the previous mod as you go down the list installing them always say "yes to all", this will achieve the look the images i have posted have.

I have added a comparison among the images for a better look Of the Presets with "KS Hairdos Lite Se" Off/On (As requested by a supporter). Some people prefer the look of Vanilla hair, and as you can see without the KS hair added to the woman it does not take away from their beauty.

Credits: (Mods i used to help with screen shots)
*Tissendel - Look what you see - Camera head tracking (Great mod, really recommend checking this out)
*andrelo1 - GO TO BED