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About this mod

Allows the player to convert the Ancient Falmer Armor into a Heavy variant (and back) using smithing. This does not replace the Ancient Falmer Armor that's in the unmodded game and includes no appearance changes.

Permissions and credits
Looking for a suitably cool looking suit of armor I came across the Ancient Falmer Armor. Unfortunately, it only exists as Light Armor in game.

This mod adds a Heavy Armor variant - using the same armor mesh, so there is no visual difference - as well as crafting and tempering recipes. The crafting recipes are for converting the armor; the mod does not add a craftable variant - you'll still have to find the actual armor in-game first.


Heavy Ancient Falmer Boots:
Armor: 16
Weight: 6
Value: 500

Heavy Ancient Falmer Crown:
Armor: 20
Weight: 4
Value: 1300

Heavy Ancient Falmer Cuirass:
Armor: 45
Weight: 30
Value: 2500

Heavy Ancient Falmer Gauntlets:
Armor: 6
Weight: 16
Value: 500

Note that the Heavy Ancient Falmer Crown uses the Circlet slot, I did not change this.
The armor pieces had the ArmorLight keyword removed and ArmorHeavy added.


Converting (Light) Ancient Falmer Armor to Heavy Ancient Falmer Armor:
- Requires the Ancient Falmer Armor and Refined Moonstone Ingots (1 per armor piece; 2 for the cuirass)
- Requires the Advanced Armors perk

Converting Heavy Ancient Falmer Armor back to (Light) Ancient Falmer Armor:
- Requires the Heavy Ancient Falmer Armor
- Requires the Advanced Armors perk

- Requires Refined Moonstone Ingots


- Requires the Unoffical Patch
- Just install normally and let LOOT sort it out


- SHould be fully compatible with everything
- Specifically it does not replace the model or texture; any mod that changes the appearance of the Ancient Falmer Armor will also affect the Heavy Ancient Falmer Armor


Additional Notes
I've tested the mod and it works. However, this is my very first Skyrim mod, so there's a chance I mucked something up.
Constructive criticism and bug reports are appreciated!