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This mod adds a craftable 'Dwemer Scouter' and 'Dwemer Goggles'. Forged with ancient Dwarven technology, these items give the user extra abilities in sight and perception.

Permissions and credits
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This mod adds the craftable 'Dwemer Goggles' and 'Dwemer Scouter' to the game of Skyrim

.: FULL Beast Race Support :.

- Uses Slot [#56] -

[size=1.5](you may experience clipping with Orc races)[/size]

.: Side Quest :.

To be able to craft these items, you must first complete the sidequest 'Calcelmo's Secrets'
To start this quest, you must find the note 'Calcelmo' has dropped in the 'Understone Keep' in 'Markarth'. You will find the lost note near where you will normaly find the npc 'Calcelmo'

.: Calcelmo's Secrets Side Quest Walkthrough :.

(This video shows you how to start and complete the side quest 'Calcelmo's Secrets'. This is required to be finished in order to craft the items in this mod. I recommend you find out how to do it yourself by reading the information given, but this is here if anyone has no idea what they are doing)

.: Effects :.

The Goggles and Scouters come with effects built into them with each having there own uses. There are some that are custom built specifically for this mod, while others are a straight rip from the vanilla spells/shouts. This article will give you a rundown on what each of the effects do, and how they work:

- SKSE (optional)
This mod uses SKSE to utilise its OnKeypress functionality. It can be used to toggle on/off the effects on the fly as well as swapping to and from the Goggles(OnHead) version, without using the switcher or going into any menus. By default these keys are C, V, B, N, L, K and Mouse 3.

  • C - Toggles on/off the 'Detect Life' effect.
  • V - Toggles the 'Dwemer Sight' and 'Night Eye' effects, depending on which item you have equipped.
  • B - Toggles the 'Threat Assess' and 'Dwemer Perception' effects, again depending on which item you have equipped.
  • N - Puts the Goggles on your characters head, providing you are wearing the Goggles (pressing the key again will put them back over your characters eyes). While you have the Goggles on your head, the effects will no longer be active. If you do try to use one of the effects while they are on your head, they will automatically be put over your eyes first.
  • L - Activates the 'Goggles Light' feature added with v2.1. This is a light that is built into the goggles that can be turned on and off at will. No more will you have unequip your bow/crossbow to pull out a torch just, to see something in a dark corner. Just activate the light and away you go. No equipping or unequipping going on here!
  • K - Shows you how much Oil your Goggles or Scouter has left. With one single keypress, a message will be shown with the needed information.
  • Mouse 3 - Activates the 'Zoom' function. When in this mode, your screen will be zoomed in, allowing you to see distant object with ease. This can be used in combat as well, so it can be VERY useful for getting that perfect shot with a bow/crossbow (Keep in mind however that If you set the Zoom FOV level to lower than 31, the 'Eagle Eye' perk will not function correctly)

You can craft the 'Dwemer Goggles' and 'Dwemer Scouter' using any Forge under the 'Dwarven' section.
You will also need to have completed the 'Calcelmo's Secrets' SideQuest and have the 'Dwarven Smithing' perk.

To craft the 'Dwemer Scouter', you will need:
  • 1 Centurion Dynamo Core
  • 2 Dwemer Cog
  • 1 Dwemer Gyro
  • 2 Dwarven Metal Ingot
  • 1 Leather Strip

To craft the 'Dwemer Goggles', you will need:
  • 2 Centurion Dynamo Core
  • 4 Dwemer Cog
  • 2 Dwemer Gyro
  • 3 Dwarven Metal Ingot
  • 1 Leather Strip

  • Download with Nexus Mod Manager and make sure its checked under the Mods tab.
  • Or download manually and extract to your Data folder in your Skyrim directory.

If you're updating from previous versions, I highly recommend you do a clean instal of this mod to make sure all the scripts are loaded correctly and nothing old is left behind.

  • Drop any of the items you have crafted from this mod
  • Save your game
  • Uninstall the mod
  • Load the game
  • Move to or Fast travel to a different cell
  • Save your game once more

After that you are able to instal the new version

- Fixed the game breaking when you equipt the Scouter (Right Eye)

- SKSE Compatible (keybinds ect)
- Added 'First Time Usage' message box and information
- Added more options to the switcher power

- Oil System now enabled by default
- Added Settings menu to the switcher power
- Added Oil Menu to the switcher power


- Initial release

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