Skyrim Special Edition
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This mod allows you to skip any perks you don't want in a skill tree and take only the ones you like without wasting perk points. This mod should be compatible with all perk overhauls.

Permissions and credits
This mod makes all perks independent :  each perk still needs a skill level to be obtained, but doesn't require any preceding perks to be taken. This allows you to spend your perk points only on perks that are relevant to your current character.

I based this mod on the SkyProc patcher so it should be compatible with all other mods, even those that overhaul the perk trees.

This mod needs Java to be installed on your system

How do is work:
It simply reads your current perk tree ( could be vanilla, ordinator, etc...) and removes all conditions regarding other perks.


  1. Extract the mod to your data folder
  2. Run the file : Data\SkyProc Patchers\PerksUnlinked\start.bat
  3. activate the generated esp file : Perks Unlinked.esp
The patch should be run and placed after all your other mods that change perks, and should be generated again if you add or remove mods that change the perks.

Test that it works:

You can increase some skill by using the console, by repeatedly doing : "player.incpcs alchemy" for example, and then check
that you can select advanced alchemy perks without taking the basic one. if that works then this mod installed correctly.