Skyrim Special Edition


  1. OfficiallyKP
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    There is a pretty clear seam on the jar.
  2. MrBlastman
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    This mod looks great!  If I wanted to install just the exterior textures and meshes, which files would I need to copy over?  I like the 202x interiors, but I'm looking to spruce up the outside and add parallax.
  3. HamsterSensei12
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    I have a few LUX conflicts on some meshes. Is there any chance you would do a patch?
  4. PeterFluffy
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    Any idea why these textures inside the Bleak Falls Temple are all purple? 

    1. bobbymilwaukee
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      I'm having this issue but with doors and interestingly enough skeevers. I don't have any animal texture mods, so I'm assuming this mod is somehow affecting them. I am also getting an issue with the fire pits inside dungeons missing but the fire and logs still working fine.
  5. MasterAub
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    Is it only me or the texture for the silver candle stick (silvercandlestick01.nif) is missing this is the and the Has someone the solution?
    1. alexspeakman
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      Same here, purple textures on these and the horn candles...
    2. SparrowsEdge7
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      I have the same problem.

      Edited: I found the missing textures in Medieval Silverworks here.
  6. ethanbell
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    Howdy, I would like to have your permission to port this mod to xbox in a bundle for architecture, with credit given to you of course. Thank you for your wonderful work.
  7. Picho4
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    What files are the meshes and textures for interiors. Want to overwrite some textures without having to redo bloody dyndolod lol
  8. darshaybowman123
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    on the optional files can i just merge them into the main file?
    1. Supermacy
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      yes, I made my own archive of everything combined
  9. nicebadboy
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    simply fantastik job ty so much, cant live with out it now 
  10. VampireXLord
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    is there anything rudy cannot perfect