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Patch for Violent Alduin(On Elemental Dragons'page)
Legendary Alduin battles await
Fix invincible Alduin, improve Alduin and its minions

Permissions and credits
New Mod Released:
Warrior Poet Powers

Now you can enjoy the amazing mod Violent Alduin
With the following improvements:

Original trailer and Violent Alduin Legendary Edition

Fix invincible Alduin
He's simply NOT invulnerable ANY MORE during Alduin's Bane

Alduin Buff
Alduin gets a 2000 health buff in the final battle. He's now over 5k during Alduin's Bane. Over 9k in Sovngarde.  Stronger than a Legendary Dragon.
It is intended that the first battle is significantly easier so that you could get dragonrend and have a little taste of the true fight.

Alduin's resistance
Fire +25%, Frost -25%, Poison +50%
Now Alduin can be damaged by poisons. This is to encourage different builds than typical warriors and tanks.

Companion damage
Alduin takes only 50% damage from non-player characters (was 5% in the original mod)
Again, this is to allow builds relying on followers for dps.   Alduin's HP in Sovngarde has been significantly buffed to compensate this.

Alduin's minions
All minions get a 1k buff, so they now range from 1k to 3k. Unlike Alduin, many minions have poison resistance. I left that unchanged as a boss mechanic.

  1. Install Violent Alduin from Elemental Dragons File section
  1. Install Violent Alduin Patch
  2. Load Violent Alduin Patch after Alduin V1 in your load order

Simply Stronger Dragons - When installing it for the first time, choose 'vanilla' for Alduin's setting, so it doesn't conflict with my patch.  If you have already installed SSD, delete it and re-add it to your NMM or Mod Organizer. Otherwise you wouldn't be able to reverse the setting for Alduin back to vanilla.
Not compatible with mods editing Alduin or his perks

184Gesu for Elemental Dragons and Violent Alduin
L3st4t for porting to SE