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Enchanting and smithing potions last for 5 minutes, instead of original 30 seconds.

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Have you ever been in a situation where you want to use enchanting potion while enchanting multiple items, all the while also renaming them? Normally 1 potion's 30 second time isn't enough to do much.
So because it's not fun to feel so stupidly rushed, I modified some alchemy ingredients to give Fortify Enchanting and Fortify Smithing effects 5 minute duration. These ingredients are:
- Blue Butterfly Wing
- Hagraven Claw
- Snowberries
- Spriggan Sap
- Blisterwort (Mushroom06)
- Glowing Mushroom
- Sabre Cat Tooth
Dawnguard (only enchanting):
- Ancestor Moth Wing
- Chaurus Hunter Antennae
Dragonborn (only enchanting):
- Spawn Ash (DLC2GhoulAsh)
You don't need to gather the ingredients again for this mod to work. I tested that existing recipes are updated with the new values after enabling or disabling the mod.
As a side-effect the potions would by default be more expensive. Skyrim automatically calculates the price, but the mod reduces alchemy recipe spell cost multiplier to ~10% of original. It should be in a very balanced/immersive range now. It does not seem possible to keep 1:1 pricing. For example smithing potion now at skill level 18 has less value than in vanilla, but at skill 100 its value is a little higher.
- 1.2: More consistent Oldrim and SSE release with added smithing and DLC ingredients. Now ingredient prices aren't auto-calculated by creation kit and keep the original values. 1.1 and before the ingredients became roughly twice as valuable. Edited potions price multiplier to better match original pricing.
- 1.1: Only SSE release, which included optional smithing potion.
- 1.0: First release.