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This mod increases the Shrines duration from 8 hours to 1-2 days and also buffs/changes few of them to make them actually worthwhile travelling to.

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First of all thank you for checking the mod, please take a look at the description before you decide to install


Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch

This mod should work fine with other mods even the ones that change Shrines, but you load the one that you want to take over last, for example if you want my Shrines but you have a mod that modifies duration or effect of a shrine, load it after mine.

*Must have no shrine effect active before installing*

Shrines blessing duration buffed by x3 the duration
blessings last 8 hours >  1 day

Shrine of Akatosh
(Added a bit of Omph)
Magicka regenerates 10% faster > Magicka and Stamina regenerate 50% faster.

Shrine of Arkay

Shrine of Dibella
Speechcraft increased by 10% > 25%

Shrine of Julianos

Shrine of Kynareth

Shrine of Mara
Healing spells cost 10% less to cast >  Healing spells cost 25% less to cast.

Shrine of Stendarr
Block 10% > 25% more with your shield

Shrine of Talos 
Fortify shout 20% > 25%

Shrine of Zenithar
Prices are 10% better > 25%

Deadric Shrines last 2 days instead of 1 because they're much harder to get.

Shrine of Azura
Magic resistance + 10% > + 20%

Shrine of Boethiah
One handed weapons deal 10% more > 25% 

Shrine of Mephala
10% better prices ( We already have one with this effect)  >  25%
fortify Two handed weapons Just for the sake of two handed users.

Shrine of Nocturnal 
10% fortify sneak > 25%

Shrine of Auriel
Bows are 10% > 25% more effective

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