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More stuff to do when you roleplay! Set of objective based goals for roleplaying character archetypes in interactive checklist format. Extend your roleplaying experience.

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Roleplaying Goals


More stuff for you to do when you roleplay!

I am consistently amazed by all of the thought and care that goes into the making of so many great mods, by so many talented people. I
may not have the same skill for coding and modding that some of you do, but I
did want to give something back to the community in some way. So, Thank you all,
and I hope you get some use out of my small contribution.

Do you enjoy roleplaying in Skyrim, but find that you quickly run out of things to do that make sense for your character? That's why
I created Goals for Roleplaying.Inside you'll find 11 different character archetypes to roleplay as. Each has
several  flavorful lore-friendly objectives to complete. They are presented in an interactive checklist format
and each goal includes a little flavor text to get you inspired. There is also
a list of restricted actions for each archetype, to make the experience more
challenging. Feel free to use whichever goals or restrictions make sense to
you, and add your own to make your roleplay as fun as possible.

If anyone would like to use the content contained within this document for other mods, quest creation, or whatever, please go ahead and do
so, just remember reference me and give me credit. Thanks. Also, I do not own
any of the artwork in this document, images are taken from screenshots and
concept art of Skyrim, which is owned by Bethesda Softworks. Nor have created,
or assisted in the creating of any of the mods mentioned in this document. If
you are a creator of any of the aforementioned and are dissatisfied with this
work, contact me and I will make the appropriate changes. So please nobody sue


Be sure to check out Volume 2. Here:

And please feel free to post a little about your experiences! I love feedback and community involvement!

Content Listing

Volume 1:

1.   Bandit
2.   Daedra
3.   Dragon Priest
4.   Falmer Servant
5.   Forsworn
6.   Hunter
7.   Necromancer
8.   Orc Warchief
9.   Pirate
10. Vampire
11. Warrior of the Divines

Volume 2:
1.   Civillian
2.   College Archmage
3.   Dunmer Paragon
4.   Dwemer Archaeologist
5.   Fighter's Guildmaster
6.   Greybeard
7.   Imperial Soldier
8.   Legendary Blacksmith
9.   Master Assassin
10. Stormcloak Warrior
11. Telvanni Wizard
12. Thalmor Agent
13. Thief Extraordinaire
14. Tycoon
15. Werewolf

Having trouble deciding where to start? Pick up a book and flip to a random
page or go to a random website, find the 8th letter on that page, and
consult the following chart:

A.  Bandit
B.  Daedra
C.  Dragon Priest
D.  Falmer Servant
E.  Forsworn
F.  Hunter
G .Necromancer
H. Orc Warchief
I.  Pirate
J. Vampire
K. Warrior of the Divines
L. Civillian
M. College Archmage
N. Dunmer Paragon
O. Dwemer Archaeologist
P. Fighter's Guildmaster
Q. Greybeard
R. Imperial Soldier
S. Legendary Blacksmith
T. Master Assassin
U. Stormcloak Warrior
V. Telvanni Wizard
W.Thalmor Agent
X. Thief Extraordinaire
Y. Tycoon
Z. Werewolf