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Fixes the AI for lessons in Immersive College of Winterhold not activating properly in the gaps between quests left by Not so fast - Mage Guild.

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Why do I need this?
If you use Immersive College of Winterhold like me and love the new AI and you also use Not so fast - mage guild, you'll notice that during certain quests the teachers won't teach. Now this isn't the author of CWI's fault. With the way the quests work in vanilla as soon as "First Lessons" is over you move onto the sarthaal quest. Not so fast, makes it so that when you finish "First Lessons" it's still running, just has no objectives. All the AI in CWI checks if "First Lessons" isn't running before proceeding. So during the wait period before sarthaal you wont see any lessons in the hall of the elements.

What does this do to fix it?
The only thing I have done is change the AI to instead of checking "Is first lessons running?" check "Is this stage of first lessons completed" this way as soon as you finish listening to tolfdir and go into the waiting period for the next question the teachers immediately start teaching.

Some points to note
I use these two mods with requiem and my game overall is VERY hard. The mage guild quest-line is very late-game to be able to beat. Its best to do the majority of your learning before starting sarthaal as this is when everything hits the fan and some teachers will be busy doing other things.