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Fixes the AI for lessons in Immersive College of Winterhold not activating properly in the gaps between quests left by Not so fast - Mage Guild.

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The Problem
It always bothered me how when using "Not so fast" there would be no lessons until the saarthal quest was started, and then Tolfdir was missing until the quest was almost over. Faralda didn't so up until late in the quest either. If you play with hardcore mods, Requiem for example, the mage guild quest is brutal and not something attempted at level 1 if you use alternate start.

The Reason
The author of "Immersive College" set all the AI packages not to run during certain quests. The problem is that "Not so fast" leaves "First Lessons" running even though it appears to be complete, I assume while it is waiting to give you the next quest. This means that because the quest is running, no teachers will teach.

The Fix
I fixed this issue after countless hours of head scratching, due to my own careless mistakes, by changing the conditions to not check if the quest is running but if a certain stage is completed.

The Result
Now this is what you will see. While talking with Mirabelle (Spelling), and touring the college the other teachers will be teaching. When you go into the hall of the elements for the speech with Tolfdir all the teachers will be there teaching, along with Tolfdir giving his speech about safety, it really looks great. Afterwards the students will immediatly go practice with someone and Tolfdir will start giving lessons. Once you progress in the guild quest though certain teachers will go missing. Don't start saarthal until you are ready to deal with what comes next.

Potential Issues
This patch only edits the AI Packages created by Immersive College and therefor should be compatible with everything else as long as those packages don't get edited.
If you use Alternate Start to immediately go to the Mages Guild, Faralda might not show up for class, go down to the end of the bridge and find her after the starting quest and she will return to lessons.

If you have any issues at all please let me know. This is technically my second mod even though I haven't uploaded the first yet, but I want to make sure that everyone else can enjoy this as it was something that I couldn't play without, especially with Requiem.